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    TRADE: Cervini Focus Kit for SVT Focus Kit

    Looking to see if anyone would be interested. I'm going to be picking up an 03SVT Focus in the next coming weeks that the previous owner installed a full Cervinis Body Kit on. Unfortunately, the original SVT bumpers and skirts are long gone and although the Cervinis kit looks good, I almost...
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    2003 BLACK Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

    2003 Ford Police Interceptor. Very durable and extremely reliable with 108K miles. No problems with this one. Transmission fluid and differential fluid were recently drained and refilled with synthetic. Drives very smooth and moves with a purpose. Has 3.27 trac lok rear end. Interior is gray...
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    What are these called?

    I was digging around Andys Auto Sport and came across this picture. I really liked the wheels but can't figure out who makes them or what they're called. Anyone know what these are? I want them!!
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    99 Csvt For Sale

    #1753 of 2760 with 87,600 well kept miles on the clock. It is bone stock with no mechanical problems but will need new tires soon. Recently installed cross drilled/slotted rotors and EBC Redstuff pads. Included are a new set of Eibach springs that are uninstalled and a B&M short throw. I...
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    In Need Of Third Brake Light!!

    I'm looking for a third brake light for a 99-00 CSVT with mid night blue interior. The tint shop broke mine when they tried to remove it to tint the rear glass. I purchased one from a 98 but it was a little different than the one on my 99 so there must've been some kind of change.
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    ST220 Lower Intake

    I ran into someone that is selling a lower intake from an ST220 which houses a 3L Duratec. From what I gather the primary and secondary bores on the ST220 lower are slightly larger (34mm/35mm vs. 31mm/32mm) than on the SVT and it uses larger injectors (24lbs vs. 19lbs) as well considering it's...
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    EBC Redstuff

    It's been about a week already but I installed a new set of cross drilled/ slotted rotors and EBC Redstuff pads. If any of you guys ever considered trying the EBC, let me tell you that you will not be disappointed. They're just a tad bit more expensive than the KVR set CTA Motorsports has but...
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    Terminator inspection

    I recently started looking into buying an 03/04 Cobra and I found two in my area that I plan on checking out between today and tomorrow. I've done a little research and I really couldn't find a lot of common problems with them only random ones that seemed to be related to mods. So I figured I'd...
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    50 crank pulley

    I recently purchased a Romac performance series balancer for my snake but I'm unsure as to whether or not I need to have the factory crank pulley balanced to it. I'm going to eventually upgrade all my pulllies but for the time being the stocker is being slapped back on.
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    I've tried to do some research on this little issue through CEG but nothing I dug up seemed to be well defined. When I am running the A/C or the defrost (windshield) my car intermittently bogs and then smoothens out again right afterwards. It seems to do it regularly every few seconds or so...
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    5.0 Harmonic Balancer

    Anyone know what would be a good choice for a replacement balancer? I'm not sure if I should go solid, fluid, or elastomer. From what I read the TCI seems like a decent piece but it's also pricey. I also looked into the Ford Racing balancers but I'm not sure if they're a good choice.
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    Is it me, or could there be something wrong?

    Lately I've noticed that whenever I come to a stop after driving through the gears, I have trouble placing it back in first before taking off again. It feels like it won't go into place and seems to get jammed. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been doing that the whole time I've had it. So sometimes...
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    5.0 One Piece Balancer??

    I don't know if there's such a thing for the 50s but I 've seen one piece harmonic balancers for the mod motors where the crank pulley and balancer are one unit. Does anyone know if there's such a thing for 50s? I've got to swap out my balancer cause the stocker seems to be dry rotting and I was...
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    Spintech or not?

    Is anyone running spintechs on their 50s or in general? I'm looking to swap my flows for their side setup with some skirts on my 95 snake. I'm just not sure if I should cause I don't know if they'll sound as great or hinder performance. I'm also running BBk longtubes and a Mac Pro chamber in...
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    Stubborn factory stereo with swap...

    Ok fellas, I think I'm making a rocket science project out of something that should be fairly simple and straight forward. I'm trying to swap out my factory stereo on my 99 CSVT but the thing will not come out. I got the tool to release the clips and I removed the screws under the stereo right...