03 Sonic Blue Cobra Show Car FOR SALE!


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May 13, 2022
Western, Ma
( not on sale)

NEVER thought this day would ever come. And honestly, if it doesn’t sell I’m 100% ok with that! The car is worth every penny!
Don’t like the price? The cars not for you! I knew what this car was all about when I bought it. And I’m basically listing it for what I bought it for + the new wheels and tires on it!

Been getting way too many messages. So before you message me or read through any longer. The car will be listed at 59k. And the cars worth every penny of that.

I’m known for selling some of the cleanest Terminator Cobras in the country .And this one By Far Exceeds everyone of them. I’m not going to say it’s “the cleanest” one in the country. But I would certainly enter that contest.
This car is immaculate, it was actually on display on the show room floor at Ford in Michigan before being purchased. The paint is flawless, the interior is flawless, and the undercarriage is flawless.. I’m talking no rust what do ever. Every single bolt looks brand new as it just came off the lot. I’d say this car has been taken cared for much more than it’s been driven.

So not only is it the most sought after color. The bolt on parts chosen for this car are all also new and ready to enjoy and actually put miles on! Because if it doesn’t sell, I’m going to enjoy it this summer . The car has 26k, and the motors never been updated or “revised “. Very strong built oem motor!
It’s got the latest and greatest VMP gen3R blower with every supporting modification needed! The car just put down 700 to the wheels on a lower reading dyno! That’s on pump gas.
Listen, If your actually serious, I’ll answer any questions you have on the car, shoot me a message or text (413)539-0898
But this purchase is going to be for a big dog who’s looking for the cleanest Sonic Blue Cobra around. Fully documented as well.
Thanks for looking ———————————————————

Here’s my build sheet to the best of my ability! I’m sure I’m missing a lot of things!

2003 SVT Cobra- Show car.
I have all the documentation and paper work. Whole binder full.
As well as some oem parts to go with the car.

-Original motor/Trans never been opened.
-Amsoil used on all oil changes and fluid boxes since as long as I know.
ALL modifications are new parts on the car, as follows.
-VMP GEN3R 2.65
-2.9 upper, stock lower.
-Valve Covers, pulley bridge powder coated color matched.
-Custom carbon coil covers
-JLT rad cover
-Metco rail mounted Fuel gauge
-Metco tensioner support plates
-SOS pod
-Speed Hut Gauges
-Aeroforce Gauges
-Full Max Motors coil overs all around.
-Max Motors caster , camber plates
-BMR k-member
-BMR control arms
-1 7/8” ARH LT headers
-3” ARH X pipe
-Borla Stingers fully polished.
-FTBR full IRS upgrade.
-Max Motors Brake lines etc etc
-FORE LEVEL 4 Fuel system 10an feed - 8an return.
-FORE controller mounted in the trunk.
-car can be tuned for pump or e85.
-ID 1050X fuel injectors / 1065cc
-FORE fuel rails
-GT500 polished Throttle body
-GT500 Slot style Maf
-70 degree t-stat
-ZZ perf H/O intercooler pump
-Crusher 5” intake
-5” filter w blow through
-Adjustable fuel pressure regulator- mounted neatly in the fender well.
-AFCO O/S Heat exchanger
-Full length subframe connectors
-Custom CCW classics 18x9 - 18x11.5
-New Toyo R888R 335-30-18
- Custom blue cobra trunk art etc.

I’m sure I am missing a lot too!

Car was recently tuned last Oct and easily made 700 wheel on pump gas. By Turbo Mikes Tuning- Charlton Ma

Text me or something if you want very close up videos of undercarriage etc


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Jan 28, 2006
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That's strong money! Very nice looking Cobra. Fairly low miles. If you're firm on the price, you likely will end up keeping it. The good thing is that apparently you're fine either way.
That was Bob’s mature, classy way of saying it’s ungodly overpriced for the miles and you are never selling it but it’s a good thing you already know that. Am I right Bob?


88mph....serious shit!!!!
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Jul 12, 2012
OP, beautiful cobra man! Where did you pick up the carbon fiber radiator cover? That is slick looking!


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Jun 26, 2013
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So I just found the video of your walk around. So you’re telling me this car has “700hp” and is on the original stock clutch? I didn’t think they were rated for such high torque, or even power?

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