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  • Hi Bob,

    I noticed in a Post you said you may have the CD for the Cobra Manual.

    I downloaded it a long time ago, but cant seem to get it to load on a New Computer. Am I missing something, it says Setup isn't a valid .exe.

    Thanks for the Help


    PS. Gaskets I bought from you Ages ago, are still working great.
    Hello Bob. Do you have a shifter gasket for a 2014 GT500 ( Pro 5 shifter, Tremec 6060 transmission ). Please advise.
    Thank you !
    Hey Bob, quick question about your GV70. How do you like it? Any issues or down side to it?
    Hey Bob quick question. I remember reading on your Terminator FAQs web page that the cobra's run better with 12lbs. of boost than 14lbs. I have a fresh rebuild, everything is stock except Gibtec Pistons C/R 9.0:1, JLT Cold Air Intake, Bassani X Pipe & Cat Back. Which pulley?
    3.10 or 2.93 ? They 3.10 should put me right around 12lbs. Correct.
    Thanks for your time Carl
    hey bob i try using the poll and couldn't understand how it work. i know its not right sorry about the confusion.
    Hey I think you replied to my comment but the chat was closed . I was looking for true forged tanks 03-04 cobra
    Hey I’m sorry to bother you but I’m noew to the forum and need help starting a new thread. I have an 04 f150 5.4 and am swapping a 5.0 into it! Any help is greatly appreciated
    Tonight I was ripping on it a bit shut it off for 5 minutes and when I turned it back on it just cranked no start about 5 times then it started and ran really choppy and sloppy with the yellow up arrow appearing every time I pressed the throttle, the afr gauge read 19, I was only two blocks from home so I limped it into the garage when the cel finally came on!!!
    Running a 2.2 kb at 19 max psi, MAFia, pulley, bap, dragon tb, sct eliminator w/switch, egr delete, dead head mod, and a few odds and ends.
    However, I am afraid I broke it already a few hours ago. With diesels it seems easier to read/ diagnose through forums than with built Cobras.
    cobrabob: I was wondering how to post my car for sale here? I have a 1998 cobra yellow /black conv 6100 org miles , still smells new I would like to sell any help would be great thank you Ray
    Hey cobrabob, I remember a thread where there was a list of cobra "recalls" where you could buy the parts. I'm looking for the pedal plate specifically. If you could help me out that would be great, for the life of me I can't find it! Thanks,and also thanks for all that you do for this site!!
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