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Nov 17, 2002
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Dec 30, 1948 (Age: 69)
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Cheshire, CT
Church Administrator; Small Business Owner

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Dec 17, 2018 at 12:14 AM
    1. Ea Ruiz
      Ea Ruiz
      Hey I think you replied to my comment but the chat was closed . I was looking for true forged tanks 03-04 cobra
    2. The newbie
      The newbie
      Hey I’m sorry to bother you but I’m noew to the forum and need help starting a new thread. I have an 04 f150 5.4 and am swapping a 5.0 into it! Any help is greatly appreciated
    3. LearningCobras700
      Tonight I was ripping on it a bit shut it off for 5 minutes and when I turned it back on it just cranked no start about 5 times then it started and ran really choppy and sloppy with the yellow up arrow appearing every time I pressed the throttle, the afr gauge read 19, I was only two blocks from home so I limped it into the garage when the cel finally came on!!!
    4. LearningCobras700
      Running a 2.2 kb at 19 max psi, MAFia, pulley, bap, dragon tb, sct eliminator w/switch, egr delete, dead head mod, and a few odds and ends.
    5. LearningCobras700
      However, I am afraid I broke it already a few hours ago. With diesels it seems easier to read/ diagnose through forums than with built Cobras.
    6. LearningCobras700
      Cobra Bob, as I just bought my first 03 kb Cobra 2 weeks ago I have done my best to learn as much as fast as possible.
    7. LearningCobras700
      Hey Cobrabob, seems like your the cobra guru of the internet. Could you help diagnosed my 03 Cobra please?
    8. bobs351
      cobrabob: I was wondering how to post my car for sale here? I have a 1998 cobra yellow /black conv 6100 org miles , still smells new I would like to sell any help would be great thank you Ray
    9. apex svt
      apex svt
      Hey cobrabob, I remember a thread where there was a list of cobra "recalls" where you could buy the parts. I'm looking for the pedal plate specifically. If you could help me out that would be great, for the life of me I can't find it! Thanks,and also thanks for all that you do for this site!!
    10. IllCobra
      Saw an old post of your saying you had an 03-04 cobra repair/service manual in CD for sale. Wondering if you have any remaining copies? Thanks
    11. caveeagle
      Anyone heard from Jamie or 'Start n charge' lately? I was supposed to send him back an alternator to repair before I moved back to FL and he does not seem to be responding to PMs or the email I have for him.
    12. hoopd63
      hay bob I was wondering if you still have the 03 cobra maintenance manual cd's for sale and how good they would be for the 04?
    13. supersport1985
      Hey, I just bought the car 2 Saturdays ago and she is bone stock
    14. 04medusa
      hey there, my names Brad and ive only had my 04 cobra for about 6 months now. I am wanting to do a few upgrades to it now and was wondering what the best things to do/add before i get my pulley swap and tune done. Right now all I have is pypes offroad x-pipe, basic intake, and a short throw. Any ideas and feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!
    15. mercomet1974
      Hey buddy, Im wondering if you have anymore of those 03 cobra maintenance manual CDs, and if so what do they cover, and how in depth do they get?
    16. Nukem1040
      I logged in as usual and caught your name on the left side with having the most posts. I was wondering how does one have almost 63,000 posts?!
    17. 03bamfcobrasvt
      how do you post threads?
      1. bobs351 likes this.
    18. Bamaman
      Thanks for friending me. I have a question because you clearly have the greater wisdom in this topic. What is a good first car to have?
    19. j316motorsports
      I need help selling a car on this site. Will you help me? Skeet, J316motorsports. Phone #540-493-2535. Email [email protected] thank you
    20. Mastermmm
      Hi there,

      It seems you are the most educated on this site as far as I can see, and I am new to this site and have no idea how to make a new post/thread. I was just curious to if you, or anyone else that reads this, had any idea to what would be the best flowmaster muffler for my v6 Mustang 2005. I do not have anything else done to it, and do not plan on getting much else done to it other than a K&N Cold Air Intake, which means it is all stock. If you could advise me to what would sound the loudest and bolt on the best, that is what I want.


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    Dec 30, 1948 (Age: 69)
    Home Page:
    Cheshire, CT
    Church Administrator; Small Business Owner
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