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Aug 12, 2008
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I Have LL’s Hammer, from SW FL.

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    1. NasteeNate
      How come my thread was deleted?
    2. doomid66
      hi, anyway you can change the title to my wanted add on fox body cobras from calypso cobra to teal cobra?
    3. KLLR SNK
      KLLR SNK
      1. 03cobra#694
        Got it Ray.
        Jul 12, 2020
    4. Suki
      heyt here what is #7 of the rules
      1. 03cobra#694
        Your username with the item for sale.
        Jun 1, 2020
        Suki likes this.
    5. Eddie04
      im new in flordia with my 04 could use some help
    6. MrHawK
      You removed my posting and stated that it didn’t have number 7, when in fact it did. I tried from three different devices to upload pictures which didn’t work. So I had to reply to my own post 5 times to post the pictures, but the first picture had my login name and date. Unless there is another way of posting pictures or I need your permission to do so, that was the only way to do it.
      1. 03cobra#694
        There were only links that lead to nowhere. Even another member commented on that.
        Apr 14, 2020
      2. MrHawK
        Ya, i seen that, it showed it was locked for some reason. No worries i reposted, had to make the file pics smaller. Thanks for the quick response.
        Apr 14, 2020
    7. Bakerfish17
      Where can I post the 2012 Boss that you removed from the marketplace? It is a beautiful car at an excellent price and I would be the direct point of contact for the car. Not sure why that wouldn't be allowed there. Excellent opportunity for someone looking for one...
      1. 03cobra#694
        In the normal Boss section.
        Mar 7, 2020
      2. Bakerfish17
        can you reply with the link for it? I don't know where that is. Thanks
        Mar 9, 2020
      3. 03cobra#694
    8. Saleen89559
      Looking for information on a post that seems to have been deleted overnight. It was about carbon fiber Mustang SN95 fenders and Saleen SR widebody parts.... has this been deleted for some reason?
      1. 03cobra#694
        Looks like it's still there to me.
        Feb 28, 2020
      2. Saleen89559
        I finally found it, for some reason it wouldnt show up in my conversations... now it does... odd. Thanks!
        Feb 28, 2020
    9. popstar
      How can I use the PM function to send people a message? I cannot seem to find it in the menu.
      Please help
    10. dsmithwc04
      Can you update title of my ad to reflect new asking price of $35k instead of $39,999?
    11. Hellion5Liter
      Ok, i apologize about missing rule #7. I overlooked the rules while making this post last night, new member. Will be trying to make this into a better post as im not satisfied with it and i will also follow all Market rules. Sorry about this, just now actually found them.
    12. TFraser479
      Just updated my post, does that work for rule#7?
    13. cbehr
      Hello, I just got into the market for an 03/04 terminator and was wondering if I you could give me some advice on one I found for sale on here? You seem to be very knowledgeable and I'm just learning...plus it's about 1k miles away but seems like the deal I've been looking for. Couldn't find a way to PM you?
      1. 03cobra#694
        Post up a link in the Terminator Talk section.
        Aug 13, 2019
        cbehr likes this.
    14. ITSTOCK
      No wonder forums are dying. Deleting 2 ads instead of just deleting one or letting me know? Chicken shit move, bye SVT Performance.
      1. 03cobra#694
        Chicken shit reply by you . Have you actually read the market rules that taken the scammers/rip off idiots out of play? We’ve had one bad transaction in the last year, vs the many we had before we implemented these rules. I know who you are, but we need to play on a level field.
        Kinda childish IMO, but do whatever you need to do.
        Apr 3, 2018
    15. Shane361
      1. 03cobra#694
        mysticsvt email changed and password is 1234. You can edit that whenever you want
        Nov 22, 2017
    16. JDMcQ
      I posted a for sale thread for my 2013 Triumph Thruxton. I included pictures of the bike and one to satisfy #7. Why was my post deleted? The pictures showed in the preview. Though I am new to the forum, I am selling this toy to purchase a Mustang.
      1. 03cobra#694
        Your pictures don't show in the ad. It just shows IMG and if you click that it takes me to some Google deal that I have to log into. Try Flickr or just load them direct.
        Aug 18, 2017
        JDMcQ likes this.
      2. JDMcQ
        Got it. Sorry about that I thought Google pics hosted like Photobucket (before they screwed everybody up). Have a great day.
        Aug 18, 2017
    17. HaroldP
      How do you suggest i go about purchasing a vehicle here
    18. getbentdil91
      How do I post pictures on a thread?
      Insert image asks for URL, and the pictures I try to upload are too big for the server.
      1. 03cobra#694
        There are instructions in the Pictures and Videos section at the top of the page. Sometimes you need to shrink them.
        Jul 12, 2017
    19. 99lightning_svt
      You couldn't wait 10 minutes for me to finish updating my post? I've been on this site many years and have yet to be treated with such disrespect. I tell you I'll get it taken care of and you delete my post, that's just rude.
      1. 03cobra#694
        Jul 10, 2017
      2. 99lightning_svt
        You said I broke rule #7 which I fixed. You said nothing about rule #1, my understadning was that no third party sales are permitted. I'm not selling a car I found on eBay nor trying g to sell a car for my benefit. It is my bosses car, my boss is also my father. I have removed all information you cited and included pictures with my username and date. I hope this will suffice.
        Jul 11, 2017
    20. 2004cobra615
      is there a way to change my screen name to not have my last name in it??
      can it be changed to

      i searched and it seems moderators are only ones that can do this.
      1. 03cobra#694
        May 26, 2017
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