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    Need info on racing harness installation

    I need your help in coming up with the most economical means of installing a 5- or 6-point safety harness for an open road race (Gambler's Run) this summer. I will be entering the Grand Touring Division with a max speed of 140 m.p.h. I would rather not change the seats from stock, and I'd like...
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    3-car garage?

    1 of 3 - This is without a doubt the finest parking job of a Trans-am or any other car, that I have ever seen. (This is the entry point) Not a Mustang (thank god) but thought you'd enjoy this.
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    Open Road Racing VIDEO

    I finally got around to editing this video from last June. This has music with it so all you purists please don't get pissed at me if you don't like it! :-p If you are unfamiliar with open road racing here is the site; Here is my VIDEO - Enjoy...
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    POLL: Cobra R spoiler on an 03?

    I've seen these Cobra R spoilers advertised and I am interested in finding out everyones' opinion from an aesthetic standpoint. However, I also want it for running the open road racing circuit in Nevada so it's not just for appearances. Thanks, Dave Any other comments are welcome!
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    Video of my 1st ever drag race

    These clips were shot at Milan dragway when I was out there for the Ford 100 year thing and the SVT experience. The car had a trunk full of luggage, stock tires, and my 14 year-old son riding shotgun on the 2nd run. I never raced before and it shows here for sure. I broke into the 12's but...
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    Post your Diablo A/F Dynos

    I'd really like to see and compare some A/F dynos from all you Diablo chip owners. Here's mine again.
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    Before/After Magnaflow Dynos

    This is a before and after dyno showing the gains achieved after installing a Magnaflow x-pipe w/cats and cat-backs. The exhaust was stock on the first dyno except for Flowmaster 2-chamber mufflers.
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    Radiator hose damaged, check yours now!

    I read about this in the Terminator FAQ and decided to check it out for myself. Sure as s**t, the radiator hose was swinging free and had sustained a deep groove in the outer jacket from coming in to contact with one of the lower pulleys. Run your hand down the back and feel for damage. the main...
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    Need your opinion on A/F ratio after chip

    Bought an off-the-shelf Diablo chip from Steeda allegedly burned to accomodate the pulley swap. Other mods are a Steeda intake, NGK plugs, and Flowmasters- the pulley is a 2.93. The A/F ratio looks a little on the high side to me, I've read that it should be under 12 or so. I appreciate your...
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    Steeda x-pipe and mod advice needed

    Need your opinions on this: Steeda Hi-Flo Catlytic Converter X-Pipe for 2003 Cobra "Replace your restrictive worn out catalytic converters with these free flowing, all Stainless Steel 2-1/2" high flow catalytic converter X-Pipe. They sound great and improve performance too. Stock Mustangs...