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    2004 cobra svt 7,000+ miles - silver

    2007 COBRA SVT 7,000+ MILES - SILVER I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER! 2004 COBRA SVT W/7,000+ MILES TWO Sets of wheels & Tires SVT STOCK wheels & tires, plus a 2nd set of wheels & tires Hildebrand COBRA III deep lip 9 inch Wheels & Goodyear D3's tires HANS RACECRAFT Sub Frames. To strengthen the Frame...

    Feeler-2004 svt silver cobra coupe

    SOLD....SOLD....SOLD I'm the original owner. 2004 COBRA SVT W/7,000+ MILES SVT STOCK wheels & tires, plus a 2nd set of wheels & tires Hildebrand COBRA III deep lip 9 inch Wheels & Goodyear D3's tires HANS RACECRAFT Sub Frames. Steeda Air intake & filter SVT tuner Mild tune 481 RWHP Magna Flow...

    2004 cobra svt 7,000 original miles

    THE COLOR IS SILVER. I am the original owner. I am a senior citizen and I bought the car for an investment. I am now handicapped and I don't drive the car but every 30 to 60 days. The vehicle was never raced or driven by anyone but me. No animals or smoking has ever been allowed in the car...

    What Is The Best Tarnsmission Fluid To Use?

    I've got a 2004 with 6,000 miles and I was using REDLINE D4 in the Trans and I want something Slicker so it shifts eaiser. The car has some MODS and I've got 492 Rear wheel HP.:shrug: So what about the TORCO Racing ATF? Or what is better Amsoil ATF or Torco? Thanks, GLWBEAR

    2004 COBRA SILVER 4,300 miles - MINT

    2004 COBRA SILVER 4,300 miles - MINT-Extended Warranty NO LONGER FOR SALE :banana:

    External Bolt on Oil Cooler

    As many have experienced, the FORD stock oil cooler does Fail. I just experienced this and I was wondering what can I use in replacement of the Stock Ford Cooler? Something like a Sandwich type adaptor and a external cooler? Who offers one and what do I do with the Stock Ford Cooler? I've got...

    Center Force Stands Behind Their Products

    I've got a 2004 Cobra and we ordered the standard Center Force clutch, NOT the DFX and it appears that FORD has a late model production clutch in some 2004 Cobras. Center Force worked with us and sent us a special Clutch and we still could not get it to work. I had to have the Dealer re-install...

    Would You Recommend Porting The Supercharger?

    I'm considering getting my Eaton ported and I'm wondering is those who have done it are happy and is there any negative items I should know about? Would you do it again and what problems did you have? What about your Tune? Thanks, GLWBEAR :pop: :coolman: :read:

    Whipple Supercharger Questions??

    If I were to install the Whipple do I still use the water intercooler? What items will I get rid of and remove if I were to do the Whipple SC? Thanks, GLWBEAR :shrug:

    What's the Best Throttle Body?

    Who makes the best throttle Body? BILLET-FLOW or ACCUFAB? I want a New throttle Body and need to know who makes the best & WHY? Thanks, GLWBEAR :pepper:

    Best Oil Change Ramps For Cobras

    I BOUGHT A SET OF THESE LAST YEAR AND THEY ARE WONDERFUL. GO TO "OIL CHANGE RAMPS AT There is no comparison to the RHINO or any other ramps. NO, I don't sell them, I just bought a set and thought you guys might like to know. Order the 66 inch long ramps...

    Need Tuner For Silicon Valley???

    I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good Predator tuner for the Silicon Valley - San Jose, California area. Driving to Los Angeles is a little too far. Thanks, GLWBEAR 2004 Cobra :pepper: :banana: :coolman:

    Anyone Installed A Fluidyne Radiator In A 03-04 Cobra?

    If anyone has installed the Fluidyne radiator in a 03-04 Cobra I'd like to know how the install went and if you've got any pictures? I'm doing the EVANS COOLING mod with Radiator, water pump and EVANS cooling fluid change over this weekend. I'd like to know about any PROBLEM areas before we...

    Help - What Shocks Do I Upgrade To?

    I've got a 03 Cobra and I was wondering if there were any better shocks than the stock shocks? What about these "AIR SUSPENSION" type shocks I've heard about? Thanks, GLWBEAR :banana: :coolman:

    Where can I get a 170 Degree thermostat?

    I need a 170 degree thermostat for a 2004. Where can I get one? Thanks, GLWBEAR :-p