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Hey Bob, quick question about your GV70. How do you like it? Any issues or down side to it?
Hey Captain, thanks for remembering me. Yes, I will take both the SAI and EGR. My full address is below. Please let me know how to pay for shipping and expenses. Thanks //Rolf

Rolf S. Arvidson
2218 Wood Cove Lane
Sugar Land, TX 77479
Hey man I came across a post that you put a picture of your car with the polished 15x8 inch rear wheels in the 17 inch front wheels. I just wanted to ask you are those the Vision SportStar 571 wheels? I’ve been wanting to buy them for my car but I wasn’t 100% sure I can get them to fit.
Yes sir, they are. The fronts fit perfect, I think I had to run a 3mm wheel spacer in the rear. Great wheels for the $$$.
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Do you happen to know what front tires you went with?
Fronts were MT ET Front's 26x4.5-17. Rears were ET Street R's in 26x10.5-15.
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Thanks cuz but I got one , most probably think like I did that it's sold .
Maybe a it's still available post will get it sold ?
Hey buddy, I have a built, black, 2003 mustang cobra for sale in Lynchburg, VA. shoot me a text, 434-401-4515.
thanks for info on blower choice is there a hand held tuner that you recommend that can have tunes loaded in by you for this deal ? trinity blower stock pully cold air thinking stock 13 injectors
like something 600 or so rwhp daily driver 80 miles a day must be street friendly no track use i have a 2000 hp procharged dragster for that tks for you time
Let man I had a question about the select shift mod on my 2011 mustang. I'm not worried about having track apps or anything so I was wondering if I can stick with the 2011 premium gauge cluster and just swap the shifter and pcm out, would it work or do I have to get a 13-14 cluster so the PCM and cluster vin#s match?
Hey man im new to this website, i saw you are selling a 2.9 crusher kit and im interested in buying it. Im located in the bay area and frequently am in the la area. You can contact me by this or by my mobile (650)-490-6543. Appreciate it in advance.
Just wondering if your still around? Looking to buy a cutch for my Shelby. Any discount codes still available for SVT members ?
hey tyler, i have my stock eaton for sale. Removed in June @ 31k miles. Will include a BF 2.8 pulley and EGR block-off plate.
I live in Houston but I will be in Austin on the weekend of 10/16 for a wedding if we can make that work.
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Thank you for reaching out. I decided to go a different route after further researching all of the parts needed to fit onto a 96-98.
Have fun at the wedding and enjoy Austin!