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Jul 23, 2021 at 8:23 PM
Jun 1, 2004
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so cal

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Don’t be an idiot, from so cal

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Jul 23, 2021 at 8:23 PM
    1. evasive
      Question from the install you did on the GT500 a couple years ago. When you installed the steering wheel, were you able to get the horn to work? If so, do you recall how you wired it up?
      1. gimmie11s
        Horn button was a direct swap if i remember correctly.. nothing special was needed.
        May 7, 2020
    2. Cobra_Kid
      I have my eye on a 2010 GT500. 52K miles, 2 owner, stock. Very nice condition. I've always thought that if I was looking at a 2010, I'd wait to afford the aluminum block 2011 or 12. However, I noticed your comment about buying a 2010 (new body style) iron block. Is there a reason why you would shy away from the 11's and 12 GT500's? Btw, he's asking $24k for it. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Cobra_Kid
      1. Robert vines likes this.
      2. gimmie11s
        Feb 10, 2020
    3. burnt_ham
      If you would like to talk about potentially buying my C5Z outright, text me at 972-345-1552. I can't PM anybody since I'm still too new to the forum.

    4. ajm422
      Sure you already know but awesome ride. I'm interested if it's still for sale. Send me an email and we can talk. [email protected]

      Can you put the subject as " TT 5.0" so I know it isn't spam? Thanks a bunch, talk soon.
    5. Npruett0001
      Hey man my name is Peyton Pruett. I am running the EDP 7475 Turbo kit. My 2011 GT is being built and they are using the 7475 edp kit. I have heard major issues with the 7475 kit. What are the issues that I need to fix the hot side and cold side? What number will I be looking at running about 8 or 9 psi on 93 pump gas? Also what numbers will I be looking at running 8 or 9 psi on e85?
    6. S.Sims
      Question I'm looking for a kit to put on my 2013. I need a whole kit with fuel pump up grade. I'm guessing that's injectors intercooler ect. Is that what your selling? And will it work on mine? I know it's got to be tuned and dyno again after installed right? Sorry if I sound dumb just bought the car with some mods on it already. Looking for a Supercharger.
      Do you have any video of the car running or driving? Would be interested in the Paxton kit. But as you are my ricer days are over. So was thinking of the vmp instead. I don't daily drive my car so don't know if Id really be concerned with the blow off valve. Please text 314-596-1865. Thanks nick
      Hi I was looking at your build and mods on your car. I finnally picked up a 14 5.0 GT/CS. Planning on doing almost identical build as you. Going to wait on the bkower till next winter most likey unless I get the itch. But I'm enjoying just driving and getting familiar with it. Coming from a 96 cobra I owned for 15+ years. Anyway think I'm going to do suspension and wheels first. How do you like those soring you got? How they feel driving around town? I can not stand bouncy feeling like my last eibach kit. I like the way your car sits so your opinion would be nice. Thanks for your time!
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