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  • Hello Malcolm when you get a sec can you please call me at (508) 264-5559 thanks had a couple of ??? About the cobra it’s about the crusher intake with a 2.3 VMP wanted to source the right coupler for the GT500 throttle body and talk to you about how to wire. Not sure if you can source me the coupler thanks
    Hey Malcolm, I have an FC2 controller and was wondering how and where to wire the trigger wire? It's an 04' Cobra and it's a level one SN95 return style setup. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
    Hi Malcolm. I have an 08 Shelby gt and I am trying to work with a custom tune. Do you mind helping me with advice and perhaps a tune. Thanks, Brian
    Hey, I heard you're the go to person for remote tuning. I picked up a 98 Cobra with a Vortec v1 and it needs a tune. thanks in advance look forward to hearing back from you
    Very interested in more information about the vampire box, I looked at your website and couldn’t find any pricing. Looking for some guidance on this unit and how it’s working out for you so far?

    Thank you
    Hey Malcolmv8. I heard that you may be doing a presale deal on gen 3 vmp for the terminator cobra. If so i am interested and would love to hear from you.

    Also, i hope this is the right place to ask this since im still getting used to the forum lol.
    Hi I seen you are a dealer for vamp, I’m looking for a throttle body and elbow for a 03 Cobra. Blower is stock with a upper pulley. So need an imported elbow and the GT500 throttle body for the Eaton 112 blower. Please let me know if you can get this stuff for me at [email protected] Thanks
    I will need help to tune my 2003 Cobra quite soon, still waiting for parts for the fuel system.
    Can you do it for me? and the price?
    Hey man talked to some guys about getting fuel pumps for my termi they said to holla at u. Said u helped set up a return style set up for there cars need to kno what all to buy?
    I have pumps, return line, regulator, gauge, rails and injectors. I need -10 feed line and fittings, filter and wiring. Also would appreciate some instructions. I was looking and reading some and looks like I need vacuum lines so the pressure rises with the boost. Also need a new -10 fitting on my hat cuz the one I have has a flat spot I don't trust it.
    Hello, I've been reading up on the lean protection module you've built. I was wondering if you still make them or have any avalible mabye in the future for my build? I'm local to your area (work in Olathe KS) if you wouldn't mind msg me back or text 913/626-5441
    I am interested in your 2.9 Crusher. Does your package also includes the big Whipple cold air? Please give shipping estimate to 30549.
    Thank you,
    Ok I have a few questions about running dead head with stock rails. My F1 reg has 3 ports. I was going to run the feed to to the reg in the fender and then out the reg to the stock rail with adapter for 8AN. Does this sound ok? Also I'm concerned about the long vacuum line to the reg. I plan on getting some of the line you reccomemd but what fittings do you need to connect it to the blower? I was going to use the stock vacuum pieces because they fit the barbed fittings pretty good. Also, do you ever worry about the reg in the fender in the event of a collision?
    Malcolm, u have the link to the thread for where u cut ur hood and re fiberglassed it to fit the crusher part? Thanks

    Hey man I was wondering how hard was it to wire up the n2mb wot box with the nitrous? I'm fixing to put a nitrous outlet kit on my 04 and was wanting to do a 2-step as well. I was doing some searching when I came across an old post of your install with the n2mb. I know how to wire it up with just the msd 2-step, it's pretty simple to do so it doesn't spray while on the 2-step but seems like everyone has been really pleased with the n2mb box. Cause if it's a pain then I'll just get the msd but if it's not to bad of anew install then I'll get the n2mb.
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