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  • Hey man you think you can help me with checking if there is a chip in the ecu? I took it out as much as I could but I couldn’t tell. You think I can send you a picture?
    They are 18x9 fronts and 18x10 rears. Tires are BFG Rivals, 275/35/18 front and 295/35/18 rears. They are Wheel Replicas. I bought them at American Muscle years ago. They no longer carry Wheel Replicas.

    Wheel Replicas center caps are the smaller diameter. If you buy them from American Muscle now, they are Stack Racing brand. The stock SVT center caps fit right in.
    It handles really good. It handled good before but I can feel a difference. Car stays straight and has zero hop now. Does have a little more gear noise though. Dynomat will take care of that.

    I will be heading to Mustang Week, I believe 2 other guys are heading down to. I also leave the Friday night before MW actually starts. I leave Worcester at 6pm and get to MB around 8-9 am to beat the traffic on Saturday morning change over. I think I'm trailering down to NC this yr and driving from there. I have a friend in Raleigh I will leave the truck and trailer at his place.
    saw your car at mustangs unlimited sunday. how's the handling after the ftbr install? Are you and your crew headed down to mustang week this year? i see your car down there every year and was wondering when you guys cruise down. I usually leave the friday night before mustang week starts and drive overnight. I live about a half hour from mustangs unlimited in northern ct.
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