My 03 Zinc yellow cobra update!!


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Oct 24, 2022
Happy thanksgiving everybody hopefully you guys are having a good day/night :)

So update on my cobra. Since buying the car I took the stripes off , I changed the intake it previously had and i changed it to a JLT RAI, I installed a mgw short shifter because the oem one is incredibly long and I recently bought new wheels and got new tires for the rear which are Toyo Tires R888R proxes 315/35/17. That is pretty much it for now but I wanted to buy a pulley next, any suggestion on a good one? I was thinking of getting a Metco 2.80 pulley from lethal performance but I don’t know what idler or belt size I should get if I do go with that size.

Also I’ve had two issues since owning the car. First issue is that I get locked out of my 4th gear when I try racing but it’s fine when I’m driving regular. And my second issue is that I recently got a P0320 engine code which I’m pretty sure it’s my crank sensor but my car starts up fine and doesn’t have a hard time while idling so I erased the engine light and drove it around to see if it’ll pop up again but it hasn’t should I be worried about it?

Here are pics of my car now :)

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