Adding a Bunch of Affordable Interior Mods to the Bronco Raptor


Mar 27, 2003
Myrtle Beach, SC
Adding a Bunch of Affordable Interior Mods to the Bronco Raptor


When it comes to elevating daily comfort and enjoyment in a vehicle, it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference. We have had very few complaints with our Bronco Raptor, but there are a couple minor ones to be found in the interior. Luckily, we were able to fix three of them for less than $100 in parts from Amazon. This video covers the installs:

The first beef, and biggest, is the fact that Ford installs goat-fur like carpet on the backs of the rear seats. Our Bronco Raptor was ordered with vinyl seats and a vinyl floor. We didn’t want any carpet to have to clean, but there it was. However, in less than 5 minutes we installed a set of Mabett Rear Seat-Back Protectors and effectively covered the rear seat carpet. The rubber protective mats are attached to the factory carpet with simple hook & loop (Velcro) strips, and can be easily removed if needed. They fit perfectly, work as designed, and are well worth the price.


That carpet does not belong in there.


Goat Fur - that's what you're looking at.


These are simple molded rubber mats, but they look and fit pretty good.


Half a piece of Velcro is all that holds the seat backs in place. They are easily adjustable and removable.


They look clean and keep crude out of that goat fur carpet.

Next up was the center console, which is basically narrow yet deep hole objects disappear into. For us, stuff that goes in the center console falls into two categories; stuff that rarely gets used and stuff that gets used all the time. The Bronco comes with a tiny tray that has room for an ink stick, but not much else. It had to be upgraded. So I picked up three different sizes of insert tray and tried them out. I ended up settling on the Deep Center Console Organizer as the most useful, but your mileage may vary. Now the center console in the BRaptor is two-tiered and I still have access to the 12v port.


That little factory tray is useless.


This is much improved.

Finally, the glove compartment was nearly useless. With little more than the factory tool kit and our Whipple Tomahawk tuner, it was basically full. Luckily, I discovered the Mabett Glove Box Dividers and snapped them into place. This allows me to cram the tool kit and registration into the top section of the box, and leave the bottom section open for other stuff. Ford should be selling these things in the dealership.


Basically no space in the glove compartment.


Cram all that stuff up top. Much improved.

All-in, these three mods cost barely more than a tank of fuel and make the Bronco Raptor a more livable daily driver. With as little factory installed storage space as the Bronco has, keeping it organized is important. We accomplished that. I like keeping my interior clean, and we took a big step towards maintaining that too. If you own a Bronco, check out the parts list below. You might find something that you’ll like to help make an already great little truck even better.

Mabett Rear Seat-Back Protector -

Mabett Glove Box Dividers -

Deep Center Console Organizer -

Medium Depth Center Console Organizer -

Shallow Center Console Organizer -


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Jul 24, 2021
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I got a chance to drive a Bronco Raptor after doing an alignment on it. I was impressed. It is quite and smooth when normal driving and makes great sounds at WOT. The performance was excellent considering the package. I would have no issue owning one. And, as a plus, at 6'4" and 240 lbs I fit inside nicely.

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