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  • hey SID, i was looking for a review on the SBF body mounts that you ( i think) had on the f250 for sale, i tried to find the thread to ask there and did a search but had no luck with either??? Thats probably because I'm so computer savvy lol. Anyhow thanks in advance for any input.
    Bought a premium membership.

    Just wanted to thank you for this amazing site. I have enjoyed reading and posting here for years and hope to continue to.

    Take care and hope you and your family are safe.
    so i’m new to this and i’m not sure if i’m supposed to post this here (sorry in advance) i have a 2004 cobra and i was wondering if these parts i’m going to get will make it 500whp without having to port the blower i’m planning to get 2.7 pulley,Kennebell BAP,60lb injectors,90mm sct maf, car already has borla exhaust and jlt intake will switch out plugs for some ngk tr6
    Hi is there a reason why my thread continues to get deleted? I'm not missing #7 as it says so whats the issue ?
    I'm an 04 Cobra owner and a Ford Dealer who has a 2020 GT500 with carbon fiber track package available for sale. My original account has been deactivated so I had to create a new one today but am unable to post anything in the market. Would love to get this car on here if you can help.
    Hey Sid,
    I have never contacted a moderator about anything in my 16 years here, but this Zyborg is really pissing people off. He’s ignorant and adds nothing to the posts. I find my self jumping over to MG6 far more often, because they don’t let low life’s like this be rude to all the senior members.
    Sid, I’ve been a member here for over a decade. Previous user name was “upside”.
    Was wondering if I could keep this current user name and log in info but retrieve my post stats and member since status.
    Hey T, would you ever be open to an entertainment add on to STVP like politics thread? It could remove movie and entertainment things out of the pics and vids section. I could admin it but if not, I just tossing an idea out there.
    Could Ford PLEASE do something about that A-Hole Mark Worman (Mopar or No-Car and way too full of himself!!)?? So they now have a 426 Hemi Crate engine with 1,000 HP. My 2012 GT500 has 850 HP on a 330 CID stock engine. I bet Ford could squeeze another 150 out of it without blinking! I can't stand that moron!!
    Hey dude, I was curious about sumpthin….I have a 2012 Shelby GT500 that came factory installed with the 5.8L Supercharger and have a documented Dyno run at 850HP on 100 Octane Racing Fuel. I was told somewhere along the line that the HP rating on my setup is the last of it' kind on the GT500 and only the Dodge Demon having a higher HP rating for a stock factory vehicle. Any truth to that rumor?
    HI Sid, I'd like to know if I could change my username from Blue Poison to Orange Poison? I do not own my Sonic Blue cobra anymore, and now have an Orange fury mustang GT. I do plan on purchasing a Twister Orange GT500 if I can get one. Anyways, I've been a member for years. So I thought I'd ask and try.

    Thank you Sid. Take care.
    Introducing the VooDoo T-Shirt and Hoodie .

    Hi what would the cost be for the Ultra-Heavy hoodie? I am assuming this would be a pull over not a zippered hoodie is that correct?

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