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  • thanks for info on blower choice is there a hand held tuner that you recommend that can have tunes loaded in by you for this deal ? trinity blower stock pully cold air thinking stock 13 injectors
    like something 600 or so rwhp daily driver 80 miles a day must be street friendly no track use i have a 2000 hp procharged dragster for that tks for you time
    Hey BJ figured id join part of the community after all!!! when my first GT500 comes in youll be the first to hit up for some help
    My name is Joe Anthony Solis I sent an email from [email protected] asking about differentp package suggestions on my 2007 GT500. If you could pleasee mail or call me with the info requested I'll be doing some business with you all hete soon . My number is 804-536-9944.
    I still have the stock Throttle Body? It did it again today. Turned off and restarted it was fine. Plugged in SCT and no DTCs where found. I called Pete at Performance Dyno to see if its tune related. But its been months since it was done. I'm lost.

    Thank you
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