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  • Hey, I was wondering if you could share some information regarding Competition Orange Cobra's. I'm really curious to know how many of them were sent to Canada? Thanks .
    Hi I have a competition orange cobra and would love to get some info about it. I know my build date and number but I have a vert is there way to know what number mine is out of the 72? Thanks
    Could I get some details on your 04 CO terminator you posted you may be interested in selling? Thanks!
    Hey Chris if you ever have any interest in selling your CO cobra please let me know. Thanks!
    Can you figure out my build number on my CO vert but in the 72 convertibles? Also my dad got his convertible awhile back, I'll get you the vin if you don't have it already. Are you still the one keeping up with this?

    P49Y-CY hi, i'm wondering if you could give me info on my competition orange cobra? It is my first cobra and I bought it from California and I do not have the build numbers or anything on it. My vin is 1fafp48y34f217333 let me know if you need more info. Thanks
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