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    For being 100% Irish I really do have some bad luck.

    i'm irish too and the same thing happened to me! was on my 1 owner, 1 of 72 comp orange vert tho. lol. sucks!!
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    Connector under my dash

    i *think* that is on the body harness side for a mach1 or gt with an auto trans
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    Ford Draws on Classic Truck Design Cues with F-150 75th Anniversary Edition

    needs a reg cab/stepside bed option for that classic look!
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    Stock 03-04 cobra fan vs. GT

    in my experience, a gt rad is not inferior... at least performance-wise. i've been running one for over three years daily-driven in the hottest area of the country, and odometer diags show that when the fan kicks on the coolant temp drops faster than the stock cobra radiator in my other car...
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    Stock 03-04 cobra fan vs. GT

    yeah. come to think of it, i'm pretty sure that all 99-04 V8 mustangs used the same fan
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    Wiper blades

    i did mine last year and used napa #6-8003 pics here:
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    New KCMO member.

    nice looking bullitt, welcome
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    Stock 03-04 cobra fan vs. GT

    they're the same for 03-04
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    FOR SALE: Whipple sonic coupe

    looks sick!! glws
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    My last Mystichrome...I definitely won't sell this one.

    best tuner in socal
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    Cobra Service Manual

    well the best is the helm factory service manual. it would cover every trim for the 98 mustang. as an amateur do-it-yourselfer, i have found these publications to be absolutely invaluable over the years
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    2005 f-150. what is this button on the dash?

    foot massagers!? i knew there were some cushy expensive trims but damn
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    2005 f-150. what is this button on the dash?

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    Cobra Market Right Now?

    definitely. i think brad's @03cobra#694 mineral grey coupe price has also gone up lol
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    Cobra Market Right Now?

    check out this 76k mile mystichrome coupe from a california dealership on craigslist. they are asking $48k! that blows me away edit: just noticed last week they had it listed for $50k...