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    Searching for a Sonic Blue

    It's coming up on the 10th anniversary of me buying my SB coupe. I paid $25k for it, which was the full asking price. It had 10.8k miles on it and it was well taken care of by the original owner, who was a friend of mine. Many years of enjoyment. I absolutely love this car. To the op though...
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    Not going into reverse.

    depress the cutch pedal when you do it. if it does go into reverse easily, the issue is probably due to incorrect cable tension adjustment. do you have an aftermarket firewall adjuster and quadrant? best of luck with it.
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    Not going into reverse.

    probably not, but here's a good test... with the key on/engine off, does it go into reverse easily?
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    Garage Queens

    i've got a medical condition that prohibits me from having a garage queen. unless i'm out on a highway each day shifting my musclecar at redline, getting sideways in turns, and laying down rubber, i go through serious withdrawal
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    Replacing the caged lower pulley bushings

    @hotcobra03 out of the incredible 430+k on your car, how many of them have been on that metco?
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    Legal question, sort of

    yeah that is interesting. maybe it does affect non-sn95 mustangs or other makes and models and they just copy and pasted that line, not sure. but i don't see how it can affect the cc since they are on completely different circuts and when the module fails the light comes on and it is like...
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    Replacing the caged lower pulley bushings

    interesting solution. so what's to keep the insert from turning when you want to remove the bolt? it looks like it would spin? i am all for any kind of ideas for serviceable solutions for these things. also just curious about when you attempted to remove the tribar with heat but were...
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    Legal question, sort of

    very true, before i had it turned off in the tune, i remember a few pucker-up moments if i forgot to push that button i have never heard this
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    SRT Super Stock has arrived...

    very nice, congrats. the super stock is my favorite of all the new cars out today and the only one i would consider buying, if i were in the market. like the demon, the smaller brake and wheel package is to me what makes it look so much better and meaner than the other challengers they offer
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    Legal question, sort of

    as mentioned braking won't be a problem. i think most of the cars i've ever driven in my lifetime had no abs. but i do notice that my insurance policy says that the car has it. also pats. so i think that if it ever came down to a related claim, an insurance company could possibly deny it.
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    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    that looks awesome
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    03 Cobra keeps stalling while stopping. Help appreciated.

    the only time i had this happen to me was after i changed to a k&n intake kit. the car was originally tuned with a php intake, and when i switched over it didn't like it. it would stall as i was coming up to a red light. went back to the php intake and never had a problem again.
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    Issues installing McCloud Clutch

    i have a little experience on this so here is what i understand: on their street and super street clutches if the kit did not include the ring spacer you don't need it. older versions of this clutch had a ring spacer but the newer ones don't. the newer versions are designed to not need the...
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    Crankshaft extension pulley

    they definitely are difficult to remove off the dampener (regardless of how many times they've been off before), but to me the real bitch is spinning the tribar off from the center stud so you can replace the rubber bushings!
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    Official Terminator Picture Thread

    wow, that is awesome. my mom had a triple yellow (or whatever the pale whitish-yellow color was) '57. i remember driving around in it when i was very young in the mid-sixties. automatic. she sold it at one point and always regretted selling it because she loved the car so much. it would probably...