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  • probably going to look at $30k to start...I haven't listed it anywhere yet, but that's probably where I'll start. Not in a hurry so if it won't bring that i'll come down
    I have all the SVT documentation including the window sticker and Cert. This was a test car from Svt and I have that documentation as well
    The only mods are tint, and the rear Cobra letters have black vinyl in them. Everything else is completely stock. The car did have welded in Flowmasters when I bought it.I searched everywhere and found a stock catback that is now on the car. The catback only had 1400 miles on it. The only thing non factory is the battery. I just haven't changed it to the stock ford one time has been limited.
    The car made 402/386 as it sits on a dynojet dyno here in las vegas.
    There are no surprises it looks, smells and drives just like a brand new car from 2004. The car lives in my garage under a car cover on the battery tender.

    I have been getting offers in the 34-35k range for the car over the last year but I just wasn't ready to let it go.
    None of my business what you would do to it once you buy it, but what would be your plans for it?

    Thanks. No plans to sell but then I didn't plan on selling my '99 three + years ago either. Life happens. Keep in touch and should the unexpected happen I will let you know. It's nice that you're close. I get to Concord for some race shop visits at times and for Autofair on occasion.
    No problem. Enjoy it! If you ever do have any interest in selling please let me know. Thanks for responding.
    Dang man, I haven't logged on in awhile & just saw this. The stock CO shipped out to NC about a month ago. I've got one CO Vert left & think I'm gonna keep that one. Gotta have at least one. Sorry for the late reply.
    Haha I know what you mean by more projects. How much would you want for it of you were to sell?
    I've not advertised it officially but yes I'd sell. Wife wants to keep but I need the garage space. More projects in mind!
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