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    Hey Tyler, I’ve got one of your IAC adaptor plates. Does it matter which way the iac is mounted...

    Hey Tyler, I’ve got one of your IAC adaptor plates. Does it matter which way the iac is mounted on it? I have an accufab single blade TB also if that makes a difference. Been having some weird idle issues since I did the m122 swap
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    WTB M122

    let me know what you got, lower miles the better. please text for quickest response excellent working condition blowers only please. thanks J 630-461-7576
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    insurance ??

    ok lets say i have a highly modded 96 mustang with about 37k in aftermarket stuff on it. and someone pulls in front of me, i hit them, and total the car. what will i get out of the their insurance for my car?
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    F/S NIB Steeda SRA 79-04 anti roll bar please post all in that forum^^^ please thanks J
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    F/S NIB Steeda SRA 79-04 anti roll bar

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    F/S TT 99 cobra

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    WTB aftermarket hood vents

    looking for some BLACK FWP or True Forged hood vents, I cant really see paying almost 200 bucks for some little vents. if anyone has some they want to get rid of, let me know thanks J
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    looking for some aftermarket hood vents

    any one got a set of BLACK True Forged or FPW ones they want to get rid of? I just cant see paying 180 for something that small, so i would like to get some used. thanks J
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    promotion T45 F/S (broke input shaft)

    guys, selling a 700 hp rated trans from promotion. the input shaft and cluster gear are broke. other than that everything is in great working condition. has 1300 miles on it. here is some of the good stuff inside 26 spline input shaft(broke) M/S reverse slider/hub assembly latest 3/4...
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    lets see your 99-04 drag set ups

    im looking for some ideas, im sick of my telstars, i would like to see what else is out there. thinking about the weld magnums. i would like something not alot of people have, and something i dont have to use spacers on. post um up!
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    sharing with my fellow newedgers. new best!

    thought i would let you guys see it first, since you have been with me through most of my builds let me know what you think, ive never edited a vid before
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    front wheel backspacing??

    anyone know the minimum back spacing i need to clear thr front cobra brakes? ive done some researching but i havent found anything cut and dry. its looking like its somewhere between 2.2 and 2.75 inchs?
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    BRAND NEW Steeda Antiroll bar F/S

    brand new, cant return now cause its been over 45 days. my loss your gain. this bar can be used with rear exit exhaust also. paid $342 shipped to me $280 shipped i accept paypal [email protected] thanks for looking J
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    wastegate springs? boost?

    lets talk wastegates, and wastegate springs? my car made 5 psi off just the wastegates. so does that mean i have 5psi springs in mine? im running dual 44mm tial gates. my car currently peaked out at 18 psi off the boost controller with the same spring set up. can some explain how these...
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    fitment with 28" tires?

    do you guys have any fitment issues with 28" slicks? mine rub pretty hard on the front fender lip right where the side skirt meets the fender. only does it under a load though. Im wondering if i just need to adjust my rear suspension or maybe i have to much movment going on back there...