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    Question About Clearances And Fitment

    The crusher inlet rubs on the hood but you can create some clearance. Here's how I did it some time back. Here you can see area marked out to be clearanced and I had started cutting it. The hole cut open I then fiberglassed it in Since I was at it I smoothed out and filled all the other...
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    Looking for opinions on piston ring gap

    I did not try different cylinder finishes with the gapless rings. They were seated and sealing very well as are yours. I actually got 0% on my leak down tests which is mind blowing. I'd never seen anything like it. However I don't believe the 2nd set of rings (mostly for oil control) were...
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    Looking for opinions on piston ring gap

    I feel your pain. I'm sure it's up in this thread from years ago but Total Seal swore by those rings and had me doing all kinds of work arounds. Oil level in pan, install a vacuum pump on the valve covers to pull a vacuum under the pistons etc. Then they swore it was faulty heads / seals. I...
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    Looking for opinions on piston ring gap

    Not at all, it's good someone answered. The thread is what 7 years old lol, valid concern.
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    Looking for opinions on piston ring gap

    Yup threw those gapless rings in the trash and never looked back. After all the tear downs, rebuilds and attempts at making them work I'll never touch a set of gapless rings again.
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    Cluster inverter reverse engineering project

    Hi Mark, I don't have a blown inverter for you but I've enjoyed the thread. Great work and I look forward to what you figure out and what comes of this. Malcolm
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    Sounds like the exact same design sensors I'm running. I have one on each side of the block. It does sound like yours is responding pretty well. I'll PM you and we can compare configurations, perhaps I need to switch sensors again and try the same ones you're using. I have noticed quite a...
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    Oh ok. Doesn't the factory sensor have a stud sticking out and requires a boss to turn into? Normally in the valley of the block. According to my notes (assuming I kept updated properly lol) I'm currently running Bosch sensor 0 261 231 188. I too have it work the way you describe but not sure...
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    What settings do use on the knock sensors and how have your found their performance? I've played with the knock sensors quite a bit and not at a level where I really trust them. I find way too much "noise" and false positives. I have an aluminum block which I know changes things a little...
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    Dipstick Leaking

    I'd just pop it out and replace the o-ring if that's all it is. I went Lokar because of my headers and I had no choice but prior to that stock worked just fine.
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    Flow test - are these really 60# injectors?

    Also take note of the pressure at which the injectors are rated and convert accordingly. If brand A rated their 39 lb injectors using 39 PSI and brand B rated their 60 lb injectors at 43 PSI or 50 PSI etc. then you need to do the math to make sure you're comparing apples to apples. Perhaps you...
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    I think this is probably what you were looking for lol BTW in that vid right on the hit it looks like I'm not really going, is because my tires are just spinning. I was just laying black lines down the highway going no where lol. It's been too long, 700 ~ 800. Honestly I think it was more...
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    Driver's side window not going down

    If the lights dim power is been drawn and the motor is likely bound up by something. I wouldn’t suspect a bad solder joint yet.