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  1. Radron2626
    Radron2626 Huachipato
    Can you please text me more pictures of the car? 612-990-6366. -Ronnie
  2. Radron2626
    Radron2626 BlckBox04
    Are you still selling the kb 2.2? If so, please text me at 612-990-6366. -Ronnie
  3. Radron2626
    Radron2626 LWniesz
    Hello, I am interested in your MG cobra, can you please text me at 612-990-6366. - Ronnie
  4. Drocknasty14
    BAB owner mustang nut in general lol
  5. TerminatoRS
    TerminatoRS Massie02GT
    I’ve got the plenum and some pics. I don’t think it lets me PM you due to my lack or posts or some nonsense.
  6. 9746Cobra
    9746Cobra Jomo1994z71
    Hey! This is Paul.

    Was just thinking if my Challenger Scat Pack doesn't arrive so I can get the big $4850 rebate from Dodge I'll buy another 03/04 Cobra. The rebate expires Sept 3rd.

    Just by chance I clicked on the WTB Oxford Coupe thread and I saw your profile name.

    Hope everything is well with ya and if I cant get the rebate on the Challenger I'll ask you about selling #7000. Have a great day!
  7. Radron2626
    Radron2626 Carrillo
    Hey, I am interested in your vert for sale. Please text me details/pictures at 612-990-6366. Thank you, Ronnie
  8. ViciousJay
    ViciousJay SID297
    Hey T, would you ever be open to an entertainment add on to STVP like politics thread? It could remove movie and entertainment things out of the pics and vids section. I could admin it but if not, I just tossing an idea out there.
  9. Michael Heton
    Michael Heton 96gt02
    Do you still have your throttle body for sale
    1. 96gt02
      sold sorry
      Aug 22, 2019 at 10:14 AM
  10. mikek2111987
    mikek2111987 boost21
  11. Mystichromecobra
  12. Michael Heton
    Michael Heton 96gt02
    I’m interested in the throttle body can you call me at 302 981-0727
    1. 96gt02
      sorry man it sold earlier on ebay
      Aug 21, 2019 at 11:40 AM
  13. Daniel Zapien
    Daniel Zapien DRENSVT310
    Do you still have wheels available
  14. Michael Heton
    Michael Heton carfixer
    Interested in the throttle body can you call me at 302 981-0727 thanks
  15. Michael Heton
    Michael Heton 96gt02
    Can you give me a call about the throttle body 302 981-0727 thanks
  16. Heibstangs
    Heibstangs shauncurt
    Hey Shauncurt. M. Martin told me to get ahold of you about a 04 Mystichrome Cobra Convertible. If you would please give me a call or text message 765-914-7388
  17. Drocknasty14
    Drocknasty14 97CobraDHP
    Would you take 200 for lot#2
  18. MikesMasonrySVT
    MikesMasonrySVT Birchman1310
    Hey hows it going, im interested in your cobra forsale. Can you call or text me 917-476-5145 thanks
  19. Radron2626
    Radron2626 shauncurt
    Do you have any pics of the red convertible? Please text me at 612-990-6366
  20. '11s197
    Looking for a set of used '11-'14 GT500 wheels for sale.