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  1. 97NAcobra
    97NAcobra Brades44
    Lot of interest in the CCWs. I would honestly prefer the look on stock machined wheels.

    Does the car support a 93 octane tune? Not much E85 available in New England.

    Also, can you give specifics on the pulley setup (idlers esp.) ?
  2. Jesus vargas
    Jesus vargas
    I’m looking for a 99/01 cobra front bumper if anyone has want available please let me know
  3. Jesus vargas
    Jesus vargas Bullitt895
    I would like to buy your cobra front bumper
  4. Jesus vargas
    Jesus vargas cleohsvt03
    Hello I’m interested in your cobra front bumper let me know if still available
  5. Shelby4046
    Shelby4046 wingsnut
    Sent you a message about the heat exchanger, if its for the 5.4L, text me ill take it.
  6. solis castillo
    solis castillo Tholmes
    Lowest I will take for the Procharger is 3300$
  7. schinderling
    schinderling superman
    Hello. Sorry to bug you. What was your set up to run 10.7? Just curious. I'd like to do high 10s with stock Eaton.
  8. Chromeyellowsvt
    Chromeyellowsvt The Red Monster
    In need of a cop harness for my 1998 cobra. Still have some ?
    1. Chromeyellowsvt
      Mar 24, 2019 at 12:56 PM
  9. DZRMN66
    DZRMN66 MTBSully
    hey bud do you know of any E85 stations near us...I live in wakefield nh
  10. Tonyjsir
    Tonyjsir 1quiksn95
    i am interested in the fuel pump booster but there is new ones on eBay pretty dang cheap but i figured i could make you a offer of 225.00 if you take it i will PayPal you like 235.00 to help with shipping
  11. v1p3r66
    v1p3r66 Silver Talon
    Taking you up on the offer to run VIN information and get sticker: Just bought a 2013 GT500 VIN: 1ZVBP8JZ9D5247927 THANK YOU!
  12. termcobra281
    termcobra281 CobraBob
    hey cobrabob, I am looking at buying one of your t56 gasket kits for my 03 cobra??? can you fix me up? ty
  13. chandlerd07
    chandlerd07 MarkZ
    Hey Mark, if you're willing to sell your 99-01 cobra bumper I'm interested in purchasing it.
  14. Tonyjsir
    Tonyjsir WireEater
    Was wondering if I could get a discount code for AM ?
  15. Joe Hirsch
    Joe Hirsch gofast15
    Interested in the ID1050x injectors, text me at 815-953-1965
  16. Boosted32V
    Boosted32V Speeda86
    Not sure how to send a private message, this board has changed a lot. I hope you get this post, how much to ship that 98 Cobra X pipe to Texas; 75454
  17. Vincent 03 GT
    Vincent 03 GT termibryqn
    I was just wondering why you are selling the Metco puller setup. I just bought the setup with a 4lb pulley and was thinking of going to a 6lb before I put in on my car. I've had some people say it will work no problem with my stock eaton. Then I've had others say don't do it they break cranks. I just figured I'd ask someone who had one their input about them
  18. garifo
    garifo CobradaCableGuy
    Do you still fix the cobra gauges or do you instruccions as to how to fix them.
  19. switchblade
    STREETFIGHTER50 GarageLogic