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  1. TVSed GT
    TVSed GT VMP_Steve1983
    Hey man, I saw your post from a couple months back on a terminator forum about putting together a fuel system for a guy on there. I bought and installed your gen2r kit with 82mm pulley this past fall and thinking e85 and 79mm is the logical next step. Do you guys have any package deals on the fore innovations return system and FIC 1000s? Appreciate your time and help!
  2. Nuggett
    Nuggett midnightmark
    I just replied to your thread as well but I’m really interested in several of the parts from the 97 Cobra motor you have posted. Where in NJ are you located?
  3. keiths98cobra
    keiths98cobra Sik4.6
    Are you still looking for an engine?
  4. keiths98cobra
    keiths98cobra twisted03snake
    I'm building one now let me know if you are interested. And if you have a piston preference.
    thanks Keith.
    also have fresh ported 2003 cobra heads were 4 thread but now are 9 thread. Upgraded springs and retainers.
    you can text 570640-8019
  5. latinwrlord
    latinwrlord fuelforfire87
    I will take it. I talked to John Nardi with Lund. He said it will work. But know where near like the new Omega one. As far as accuracy. But I am stuck. Not going to buy another NGauge just to use the Omega. Especially when I have the Shelby dash pod with a aftermarket boost gauge anyway. So, I will try this one out. And see what I get. Not totally sold that I need it after talking with John.
  6. xunantunich
    xunantunich 9646stang
    You know of a shop in tulsa that can install a torque converter and rear gears into my 2014 mustang gt ?
    ALLTER 96gt02
    Do you still have the firmware for an SCT X3? serial number starts with XP. I think it's v1.2.142
    1. 96gt02
      No it got deleted a few months ago
      Jan 21, 2019 at 8:31 AM
  8. latinwrlord
    latinwrlord fuelforfire87
    I the NGauge boost box still available? If so will it work on the Version one NGauges? I know the new boxes say Version 2 only. Let me know thanks!!!
  9. Tonyjsir
    Tonyjsir Knightridersvt
    I have bbk long tubes ceramic, and extensions and gaskets
  10. 97svt-ftw
    97svt-ftw gt347mustang
    I just ran up on a post a few months back, around November of 18, where you were discussing with an HP tuners rep about your experience. Since then have you used the new mpvi2 for an 03-04 cobra? I'm trying to find someone with some feedback on how HPT is working on our cars and if it's worth purchasing. Thanks
  11. 1sikStang
    1sikStang fearthesnake
    Still have gt500 wheels for sale? If yes, can you contact me or give me a price shipped to Las Vegas. Thanks
  12. OXWhiteTermi
    OXWhiteTermi Mehlig12
    I have a set Brand new in the Box. It was just removed by the admin cause I didn't follow the rules I guess. I have an offer of 1100 and they cover shipping. FYI if you are willing to pay anymore. Thanks. I can email pictures if you are interested.
  13. Gmarquez
  14. Cadman
    Cadman fletchffletch
    I know you sold your Shelby.....congratulations, but where did you get the "Shelby" lettering for the front splitter?
  15. LilOl2V
    LilOl2V chopps
    Int in the cai you have listed. Please contact me at6366996583
  16. Bullittray
    Bullittray Richter888
    Heads still available? Price with out cams? Any other pics?
  17. Cobra Mann
    Cobra Mann SemperTex
    Need that 4r70w. Shoot me a text or give me a call 240three46six4twotwo. Thanks Mann
  18. Willcat
    Willcat Real98roush
    Can you contact me at 719 464 8807 about a 2003 Cobra you sold that I am now wanting to purchase...thanks.
  19. Early Bird
    Early Bird
    Kona Blue 2010 Shelby GT 500 owner. All stock with just over 50K miles.
  20. $vt98
    $vt98 lx347cid
    Hey there I almost bought your cobra back in July but couldn’t get a loan at the time for a car that old. Ended up buying an 04 mystichrome with 19k that I love, but seeing yours again on the forum makes me wish I got it since I love the black lol. Anyway just wanted to say good luck with the sale you have an awesome cobra.