We Added the Power-Pro Motorized Attachment to our TopLift Pro for the Bronco Raptor


Mar 27, 2003
Myrtle Beach, SC
It's been nearly a year since we starting using our TopLift Pro to save time, and my back, when pulling the rear section of roof off our Bronco Raptor. It has performed flawlessly in that time and has added to the Bronco ownership experience. However, a few months back I picked up an add-on accessory for the TopLift that makes it even easier to use.

TopLift has an electrification kit (called the Power-Pro) that allows you to bolt on a linear actuator to your existing TopLift, which will then handle all the lifting for you. While the standard TopLift takes a 2-3 man job and makes it a 1 man job, the Power-Pro Motorized Attachment makes it a one finger job. Check it out:

I really like that you have the option to add a small 12v battery to the included battery tray and make the lift cord free if you prefer. For those with power sports equipment laying around, I'm sure you have a spare battery in you garage that could be put to work. The kit comes with a power converter that allows you to plug into a standard A/C outlet.

Overall, I consider this addition of the electric ram almost a safety feature. It can lift and lower the Bronco top much more smoothly than I can with muscle power alone. It also allows me to pay much more attention to the lifting and powering process since I have such finite control of the ram with the simple up-down switch than with adding pressure to the manual bar.

Life the TopLift itself the electrification kit comes well packed and was fairly simple to assemble. The only downside I can see is that with the ram bolted in place you are now dependent on electricity, as you can no longer manually operate the lift. However, should you ever need to return to manual function you could do so by pull a bolt or two. It's definitely not something I would worry about. If you own a TopLift Pro I'd definitly order this power kit. I just wish I had done it sooner.

If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, you can check out TopLift Pros here:

Jeep Hardtop Removal & Storage | TopLift Pros

You can use the discount code “SVTP” to get 5% off your order (offers do not combine).


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Oct 10, 2007
I've been looking into either this setup or a ceiling mounted hoist for my Jeep hardtop. Still unsure which is better for my situation.

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