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Mar 27, 2003
Myrtle Beach, SC
By Bill Arf

As far as the stock antenna, now that detracts from the truck. Talk about long and fuggly.. Now, shorten that stock antenna and it takes on a whole new look. To easily shorten the stock antenna first remove it. Take a small piece of say tire inner tube and place it at the bottom of the mast and then place you wrench over the tire inner tube and remove mast. If you try to not use protective material under the wrench you will booger it up. Now take a hack saw and cut antenna to length you desire. I found 24" was best length. Looks good but does not hurt reception. After cutting the antenna off you need to get the black ball off the end of the antenna. I placed the part of the antenna with the ball on it in a vice and then took that protective inner tube we used before and placed it over the ball. Grabbed the ball with a vice grip and pulled and twisted a bit and it came off fairly easily. Now, back to the main mast. Where you made the cut you need to use a file or say dremel with a file bit to make the end small enough to fit the hole in the ball. I used a dremel and it only took a little effort to do. After this was done, I took so epoxy glue and glued the ball back on the main mast. I did have a tiny bit of bare metal showing but this was easily touched up with a black enamel. All done now and put the mast back on the truck again using that inner tube
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