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Power loss at dyno in hot weather

Discussion in 'Engine/Tuning' started by MS KWIK, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. MS KWIK

    MS KWIK New Member Established Member

    Jul 8, 2002
    Torrance, CA
    Hi guys,

    Last weekend I finally had installed a 2.93 pulley, 100mm idler, NGK plugs, and a dyno tune. The car made 440rwhp and 440rwtq in 94° weather and 91 octane. My other mods are:

    Magnaflow x-pipe w/cats
    Magnaflow catback
    Amazon CAI

    I have on order a JLT CAI (carbon fiber :)) hoping that might give me a few extra hp. I'm wondering how much power I would have if I dyno'd the car on a cooler day? Am I losing about 10rwhp because of the heat? The car runs very strong, and I haven't taken it to the track yet. I've looked into the Steigemeier porting, but they told me with the JLT cold air I'd lose 10/15rwhp. I guess I better keep my Amazon if I decide to go this route later. The car's been relatively stock for 4 years, and it's fun having this new power :).

    Also, should I go with a 2# lower pulley for another 1lb of boost? I was thinking of adding an Accufab t/b as well.


  2. Zinc03Cobra

    Zinc03Cobra Super Trooper Established Member

    Nov 9, 2003
    Sacramento, California
    With a 2lb lower, you may be close to maxing out your FP duty cycle and pegging your maf... only a custom dyno tune will be able to tell you that.. The hot weather sucks on these cars but I would imagine redynoing in the winter would help your numbers significantly. a good 10-20hp is possible.

    I'm not sure why Steg told you about the power loss if you used a JLT.. i gained 10+hp by using their RAI.

    CAs octane only goes so far... I would imagine maybe 460-470 tops.

    happy modding.
  3. speeddemon2000

    speeddemon2000 Well-Known Member Established Member

    Feb 2, 2004
    Atlanta, GA
    I would look at your timing and IAT's. If you jumper the relay for the IC pump and run a fan in front of the Intercooler you will drop the temps alot in the IC system. This will make a big difference. If you can get ice into the system this will help the numbers alot too. The easiest way to add ice is if you have one of the upgraded coolant reservoirs. Finally Ice down the blower.

    What happens in summer time these things heat soak the IC system so you loose power there. Then the computer responds by dropping timing to prevent detonation so you lose power there too.

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