comp cams

  1. G

    N/A Cam questions

    I couldn't really find anything in the search to really answer some questions that I have around cams. I am considering swapping out the cams when I do the OPGs, and I am looking for some more info on 3 particular grinds. My set up is E85, Headers, full 3 inch exhaust, GT350 CAI, ported GT350...
  2. ty91184

    comp cam stage 3 blower cams

    hi I have a very low mileage set of comp cams stage 3 blower cams for sale. I've decided to switch to turbo. I also have the low vacuum bypass unit that is needed to run cams on the roush and vmp set ups. i'm asking 1100 for the cams and 175 for the bypass. best way to get ahold of me is to sent...
  3. adriangv

    Looking for 96-04 4v Comp Cams!

    Anyone know where I could find some new or used stage 2-3 comp cams for a 4v cobra? If anytime knows anything or anyone, please let me know! thank you!
  4. jerry5

    Brand New Comp Cams, Stage 3 Blower/Nitrous 106460

    Ok let me try to post this a third, Apparently the clown is looking for any little reason to remove my posts. Cams are in the original Boxes/packaging, never used or installed. These are $1,250 new at all the parts stores. Price - $850.00 plus shipping, firm. RPM Range: 2000-6400 Valve Lash...
  5. J

    Comp Cams CR series Tuning

    i purchased comp cams CR series cams and necessary valve springs/retainers. I will be installing them myself on a 2014 car. Looking for tuners who maybe have done this before and are familiar with tuning max effort N/A road race cars. Anyone know a tuner whos handy with tuning comp cams NA cars?
  6. Kburf79

    Help with deciding which piston cc to go with for new build.

    Hey guys, not a new member but first time poster here so forgive me if I've posted in the wrong section.. I am in the process of freshening up my stock motor. I will be adding COMP stage 3 blower cams as well as pistons and I'm having trouble figuring out which pistons to go with for my desired...
  7. 1

    Brand New Boost Cams CHEAP!!

    I have a set of 2011-14 Ford Mustang Comp Cams Xfi Nsr Blower Stage 1 Camshafts BRAND NEW still in the box. I bought them and by the time they arrived the car was already back together. As you can see in the link below they are $1500. I'm selling the exact same thing in the ad below for $1,100...
  8. F

    '00 GT Automatic Dies, Comp Cams need help.

    Hi everyone, new to the forums. I own a '00 GT automatic and here's some background into the situation. Started a year ago, my brother in law rebuilt the motor and in the process of doing so, had installed Comp Cams 262AH stage 1's. A year later after the rest of the work I have the car back...
  9. Catfiesh

    FOR SALE: Comp Cams XFI SPR stage 2 cams for 3V

    FOR SALE: Comp Cams XFI SPR stage 2 cams for 3V. The cams(#127500) come with cam phasers and limiters (#5449) installed and beehive springs(#26113-24) & steel retainers. All items have about 30k on them, lobes are clean with no issues. Have a nasty radical idle. Make great power. $850 OBO plus...
  10. PooMomma

    Boost and Cam Questions

    So guys i have a 11gt with a built motor 9.5:1, stage 3 comp blower cams 1 7/8 L/T's and a clean up job on the heads. It has the 2.3 whipple with a 3.125 pulley on it. I am in Cali so its tuned on 91 and only puts down 550hp. What do you guys think the power numbers should be cause i think it...
  11. T

    03 mach 1 cam/hp question

    Ok I have an 03 mach 1. Rod bearing went bad and my engines shot. I'll be getting a remanufactured engine from search parts and have a few questions on What I should do. Current mods: k&n cai, steeda tri-ax shifter, borla cat-back exhaust, and sct livewire tuner. Im hoping to get in the...
  12. AMChrisRose

    Comp Cams - 2011-2012 Mustang 5.0L Coyote Camshafts -

    It's that time! We've gotten literally hundreds of inquiries about the 2011 & 2012 5.0L Coyote Mustang cams. The wait is finally over! They're in-stock and shipping. Can't wait to bolt these up to our 2011 Automatic to see what it'll do to our current 10.43 @ 130mph. We'll have dyno results...

    Stage 2 Ported Heads w/ Thumper Cams

    Stage 2 Ported 3V Heads w/ Thumper Cams No longer for sale. Giving back to owner.