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    FOR SALE: 99 cobra for sale as part out

    These days you could damn near sell the tails alone for that price. lol What kind of mileage and mods are we looking at? Just needs a good once over and she should run fine again?
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    Recommendation on best and most experienced shop for Terminator engine major repair in Northeast?

    Marv Z. currently at Brew City Boost. Guy's a mod Mustang wizard. Does Mike Post (DynotuneMP) only tune? Not sure which part of IL you're in.
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    Prey (Predator 5)

    Watched it last night and it was pretty much what I expected: mediocre. I didn't mind the female lead although I would have appreciated at least one scene in which she were more scantily clad. Ya know, just to get an idea of what she's working with. I agree that the predator seemed less...
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    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Work had a car show over the weekend. Took home 3rd place. Surprised I won anything actually. Couple really nice classics came out.
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    WANTED: Sonic Blue Cobra

    I can vouch for this one. Thing's immaculate.
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    lol Seemed like a pretty spot-on comparison. Modern GT500...precise, refined, expensive, versatile/well-rounded Terminator...rudimentary, zero frills, creaks/squeaks/rattles, but can still boogie...and that's why I love her. haha
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    Sway bars

    I'd take one just for shits if they're available.
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    Finally back in a Terminator

    Glad to have ya back in the saddle! Is it just me or does the pulley look kinda large? Could be the angle/lighting I suppose. Maybe 3.1 + lower combo?
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    Enthusiast Car - What would you buy?

    Since the kiddies are still small enough...
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    Brittany Griner pleads guilty to drug charges

    It's about time a whiny entitled liberal was held accountable for breaking the law. I bet the lefties go on a rampage about her being yet another minority wrongly incarcerated or something to that effect.
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    Enthusiast Car - What would you buy?

    I think that's unique to the 1.5L Ecoblaster.
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    Enthusiast Car - What would you buy?

    My 13 Focus ST averaged high 20s even when FBO. Made stock feel like a total turd too.
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    Terminator Ownership did not start well for me

    The old standbys...NGK-TR6. IIRC, gap is .028
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    Stock cobra caliper replacement

    Quick searched on eBay and there's a few used ones out there in varying conditions.