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    You are welcome! I don't believe there is a 315 option with the correct aspect ratio in 19" (I could be wrong). Most of my customers go with 305's for the rear. I do also have customers that run 325's BUT I receive mixed reports from owners that claim they do and don't rub. I'm fairly certain that 335 will have contact issues.

    The 19x11 fits under the vehicle without any issues. It really comes down to the tire selection that will cause contact or not. If you don't want to worry about rubbing, I recommend a 305 (or 315 if there is an option). If you don't mind running the risk of additional modifications, then 325 is a great choice.

    I hope this helps.


    No prob man. When you get it do a little test run with it first on something small so you know what it's going to look like. I haven't painted anything with it myself but I've seen it on a few cars and it always looks good. Whatever you paint will be very black!
    Thanks, that would be outstanding. I'm looking to paint all of the old faded trim on my gt, and would like something that's going to last
    Hello, I was reading a post by you regarding this 306 paint. Do you by chance have a link to it? I've been trying to find it on Google, but have not turned anything up. Thanks
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