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  • Wondering if you can give me some advice? I just swapped a 03 cobra t56 into my 97 cobra that I am running 4.10 gears in with a 315/30/18 R888R. I had a Ford Racing Speed Dial in to correct my speedo after doing the 4.10 gears with my stock t45. With the T56 now in, my speedo is now way off. Do you know what I need to do to correct my speedo? thank you!
    hey mark, I just installed 4.10 gears into my 98 cobra and it currently has the stock t45 and I'm running 305/35/18 Nitto 555Rs on the rear. Im trying to program my dallas speedcal to get a accurate reading from my speedometer. can you help me out. if possible can you call or text me at 954-410-2823 so I can figure this out.
    Your Tire revs per mile = 787.71
    From my VSS calculator with your 4.10s, you are running 9518.85347368421 pulses/mile.
    Per my speedcal calculator, your setting should be: 0010011000
    Hey brother did I read your post correct that a gt500 clutch and flywheel will fit my 03 cobra as long as I get the 26 spline input shaft?
    Hi Mark
    I just registered today on this forum because i wanted to contact you about your CCRM anatomy post.
    I'm french and i own since last december a 98 cobra. I'd never used the A/C because it don't want to engage.
    I've read your document with a lot of interest and i've some question if you have some times to spend for me.
    Coil is never engaged, but is engaged with direct 12V on it: so coil seems to be OK
    I've controlled CCRM as you recommend on your document: no particular problem
    I've controlled continuity everwhere, from CCRM to PCM and HP switch cutout to PCM
    Low and High pressure switch are OK because 12V is measured at the final output of high pressure switch
    I'm afraid i've no idea what is wrong with my A/C
    What is the purpose of AC relay NClosed ? means that A/C is normally ON untill PCM decides A/C must not to be engaged by opening Ac relay contact ?
    Thank you for your time, if you can recommend what to do
    You responded to my post about deleting the IMRC control module. Can I leave the module plugged in and get a tune for it? Will I run in to any specific problems? If I pull the box and wait for a tune what will happen to the car besides running like crap?
    PM me if you can, for some reason I am not allowed.
    Hey mwolson,
    I Thank you for all your help this far i just have a quick question i was looking at your post on how to test your speedo and tach. I have a 9v wall unit as like yours but i was looking at your jumper wires. Where are both reds and yellow are they hooked into the positive side? of your wall charger or the Battery charger. And the 2 blacks are on the negative side on the car charger or how should i do this setup i wanna test it myself i love learning new ticks and tacks of the trade I just wanna do it right and not burn up my tach or speedo.
    Hey, in reference to my post, you ask if my speedometer works, it jumps around and sometimes does not work. Can this cause the car to shut off. Appreciate your help.
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