Wheel fitment question

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Jan 29, 2006
Ok, I used to know all this stuff but since not looking at it for a long time of the car sitting, I have forgotten A LOT o_O. So screw me I am now here asking questions I didnt think I would be.

I am shooting for a set of Enkies @ 18x9.5 all around.. I have found good deals on sets near me. But my issue is the backspacing or at this point the damned offset people keep posting with the wheels.
Would +15 be perfect? I know we want to be under 6'' of backspacing, so anything like +27-38 is crazy and probably not right. Unless I am completely backwards.

Random Brake Question: I keep seeing more and more stuff about ATS calipers, so it got me thinking some more. Is there anywhere to find the 00R/Focus RS calipers still? I dont want to make modifcations to my spindle/rotor/pad. I want it all to just fit (hense the 00R caliper).

Thanks guys!


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Jan 31, 2003
Bloomington, Il
Can't help on the wheel fitment, but the only place you're finding 00R/Focus RS calipers is on the second hand market. They're usually still somewhat reasonably priced.

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