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Vortech V2 with n/a street-strip cams ?

Discussion in 'The Blower Bistro' started by StrayBullitt, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. StrayBullitt

    StrayBullitt Well-Known Member Established Member

    Aug 16, 2016
    Seattle (GO HAWKS!)
    Hi Guys, I'm a newb to Superchargers, I've never owned one before and so I have a couple questions about a setup.. I am curious as to what you guys would say about putting a Vortech V2 S trim I believe it is on my motor with these cam specs..


    The thing is I have this kit on a project car that I picked up a few months ago with a blown motor, so right now the kit is just sitting around, It also has a meth setup on it and I am kicking around the idea of stealing it all for my daily driver. I assume the LSA is a little more tight than optimal, but I am wondering if it will still run pretty solid and make decent boost, just curious what you think. Another set of Cams just isn't in the cards right now, it took nearly 3 months to get my last set along with all the efforts to install and degree them.

    The rest of the setup is, terminator short block, 44cc Trick flow track heat heads, Eddy intake, 340lph pump and I have 42lb injectors along with the meth setup I could install.

    Thanks for any input !

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