Turbo coyote shootouts for FL, MD & BG are locked in for NMRA this year!


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Jul 10, 2011
The shootout in Bowling Green was a blast. Can't wait to see who shows for the Florida event in a few weeks. Sounds like Fluid is bringing a few cars, JPC might be there with their beast, hopefully Sai, Jim, Justin, etc show up with theirs. I'll be flying in Thursday night to spectate, would be cooler if I had the car there but happy just being able to get myself across the country to watch how things shake out in the south. I'll probably be having some drinks (less than last year) at Woody's in Ellenton after the track if anybody wants to hang out and BS.

Thanks again Dasan for getting this whole thing started last year, glad to see it continued on this year. Glad to see Fluid Turbo Concepts as the sponsor of the spring event. Can't wait to see the turbo cars, coyote stock/modified, and see how renegade shakes out for the first event with turbos allowed.

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