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steering wheel slop..roundup

Discussion in 'New Edge Cobras' started by shurur, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. shurur

    shurur Well-Known Member Established Member

    Jan 2, 2011
    Tampa FL
    I just recently fixed my steering wheel slop.

    First I was convinced that it was my steering shaft.
    I based this on my having had a shop check it for me.
    They indicated that it was my lower steering shaft and not my rag joint.

    After removing the steering shaft, it was apparent that the shaft was OK.
    I had a salvage steering shaft, and noted that the upper collapsible sections varied by 1/2" (11.5" vs 12"") and concluded that the lower slide joint was just there to correct for this variance.

    I then roll pinned the lower steering shaft of the salvaged steering shaft with three 90 degree alternating 3/32" roll pins spaced ~1" to eliminate the steering shaft as a suspect.

    I roll pinned the salvaged shaft based on the original's mount position via indelible marker along the rubber seal. thus insuring the correct overall steering shaft length.

    Note: This upper steering shaft sectional variance explains the problems mentioned in other threads concerning OEM steering shaft installs interference with aftermarket LTs...i.e oem steering shaft angles may vary.

    I then started searching SVT threads and found this thread concerning the firewall bearing seal for the steering shaft.

    I found my bearing was shifted and sheared/skewed...sorry no pics..

    Thanks Taz:


    I replaced the seal with a junk yard piece.
    It also had a backed out bearing ring.
    I pounded/pressed it into place.

    I fixed it as outlined here:
    Thanks White Bear Ford:


    Because I had roll pinned my lower steering shaft, I had to loosen the steering rack and slide it forward in order to install the steering shaft, i.e. in order to create more space.

    While doing this, I found the rack bolts loose or easy to loosen.
    The diver side side of the rack was notably loose; although I had checked them several times before and had a shop look at it as well.

    Thanks snakeraper11b:


    In the end, I ended up doing all-of-the-above with no documentation or pics.
    I got so tired, and needed to get Kelly on the road.
    I think my steering slop was all-of-the-above.
    I apologize for my lack of documentation.

    I just thought it important to share.
    Thanks all.
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  2. Lambeau

    Lambeau Superfleck Moonbird Premium Member Established Member Beer Money Bros.

    May 13, 2010
    Rockwood Lodge
    Thanks for the info.

    Had similar issue with my '01 Bullitt. It was the rag joint that made the steering very "spongy" - the chromate/gold colored shaft in pic.
    Purchased and installed new steering shaft w/no rag joint from MM for a simple, solid fix - black shaft in pic below. (It came unfinished and they request you to paint for longevity)
    Without that rag joint rubber dampening, you feel the road more, and that's fine with me.

    MMST-14 Steering Shaft Assembly, Power Steering Rack, 1994-04 Mustang

    This MM shaft is a Borgeson, but they improve the performance/quality by removing the setscrews and welding the joints. :rockon:
    During my research I found that a very common complaint about the Borgeson shafts were that the setscrews often came loose.
    The MM shaft also came with detailed instructions. Best part, it's all American made.

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  3. shurur

    shurur Well-Known Member Established Member

    Jan 2, 2011
    Tampa FL
    That should be my next step, but $$.

    The 2005 got rid of the rag joint in the lower steering shaft, but measures too long to couple with the upper 1994-2004 steering shaft via inner u-joint replacement.

    I'm thinking about having a joint welded on to replace the rag joint or to make some solid rag joint spacer, but that joint does bend a little bit.

    I think for ~$100 I could buy the two joints and a sliding shaft to mate to the oem upper collapsible shaft.

    I have a spare now under the futon in the LR that I can experiment with.

    Right now $ is tight and the salvage yard is my friend.

    Thanks for the Borgeson heads up.
    I was looking at that one because of serviceability, but that ability to take it apart may be its Achilles heel..or rather apparently is.
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