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Jun 8, 2015
Hello Everyone,

I recently decided to pick up Shine Supplies new waterless wash product, ignition, and I am pretty pleased with my initial testing so far.

What is "Ignition"?

Ignition is a silica infused waterless wash that is safe to use on both ceramic and non ceramic treated vehicles. Because it is silica infused it will leave behind some sort of protection behind and thanks to its formulation it will do so while leaving behind a glossy streak free finish.

Test Vehicle:

Our kick to the curb car is a 15 Escape titanium. It had sat outside for about a week, rained lightly 3 times and was driven lightly during this time. There is grime, pollen, dust, bee poop and light water spots on the car. There is no ceramic on this car anymore and the wax that was applied is gone now, don't worry it will get protected again.


spray and

In all seriousness though, the instructions are on the bottle. Generally spray the panel, spritz your towel lightly and making sweeping motions down the panel. With a seperate towel begin to dry.

First Impressions

Ever since COVID happened Shine Supply has provided the wrong spray triggers for their applicable 16oz bottles. As you can tell in the photo below the trigger is just long enough to hit the plastic bottle preventing you from fully depressing the trigger. You can still use the provided trigger, but it is an annoyance that I hope gets resolved soon.

View attachment 1706997Untitled by Sean C, on Flickr

After swapping Ignition into an empty spray bottle I proceed to get into testing. I spray a panel and begin to clean in a horizontal sweeping motion. As I am making my sweeping motions I noticed there really isn't any pull on my buffing towel, which is good because who wants to feel like they are grinding grime into their clear lol. The positivity doesn't stop here. While cleaning I became quickly impressed with abilities of this waterless wash. Rather than let me words do the talking I will let the video below handling most of it. As you can tell there is certainly grime there. One pass is all it took and it easily dries in a streak free finish.

View attachment 1706998Shine Supply ignition is pretty darn good by Sean C, on Flickr

It is worth noting that on some panels had bee poop, which when it dries in the sun becomes pretty fixed to its position. This was the only grime on the car that I found was left behind on my initial passes. I was able to spot fix the bee poop by spraying directly onto the spot and a light spritz onto a small portion of my cleaning towel. From there I gently buffed the area till clean. This removed the sticky bee poop.

So how does the panel feel once done? Smooth. Considering I have a small amount of Spiked Punch, what Ignition replaces, the surface felt noticeably smoother. The finished results don't stop there. I don't know how well my cell phone picks this up, but to the naked eye there is a nice gloss provided here to the applied areas. A few days later and the car still shows as glossy.

View attachment 1706999Untitled by Sean C, on Flickr

View attachment 1707000Untitled by Sean C, on Flickr

Once going around the entire car I decided to try my luck with glass, something I have not always had the best of luck with a waterless wash on. I tend to find many waterless washes are difficult to get streak free with a buffing towel. I was pleasantly surprised with ignitions performance here. As you can tell in the video I sprayed a little more than i should have on the window, but the results were effortless streak free results.

View attachment 1707001Untitled by Sean C, on Flickr


I will continue to evaluate this product, but I think a fun comparison may be in order with my other waterless washes. Either way, I think Shine Supply did a bang up job on Ignition. It has good cleaning power for a waterless wash and leaves a glossy streak free finish. I only have two complaints really with the product. The spray trigger that comes with a 16 oz bottle (if not buying a gallon) and the fact the product is pricey. End of the day, I have zero problems recommending this product to anyone looking for a quality waterless wash.
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