P1033 Fix (for me)


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Oct 18, 2005
Ol' Virginny
I was getting some weird starting issues. Hard to explain but the dashboard lights were flickering, hard starting and poor performance. I recharged the battery, but I noticed some additional wires that came off the + and - battery connector terminals. I took the smaller wire connectors off, cleaned them up with quick dry electrical cleaner and put everything back together. I haven't had a P1033 since then (knock on wood). I have 180,000 + miles and never cleaned them before. I guess that I didn't think that this was important before.

But, I still had a starting problem. Yes, I had to clean the additional connectors on the -battery connector terminals and a Biggie, I cleaned the ground wire that is screwed to the driver side upper wheel well. It was covered with gunk. I haven't had a P1033 since.
I hope this helps folks.

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