My Kenne Bell Video


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Nov 23, 2003
Well I just got back from T&J's with the Kenne Bell installed but due to a pegged 92mm Pro-m we couldn't tune the car past 5800 rpm. This video is with an extremely safe tune (13 deg) so I could get home until next week when the new meter is installed. I wont post numbers but the car is well into the 500rwhp range with only 13 deg timing and 11.5 air fuel :D. Anyway here is the video and I will have the final numbers later this week. Oh and anyone with the Kenne Bell should definately grab the Gords H/E with fans since we were seeing 81deg inlet temps on average and it never spiked above 100 during the 5 pulls we did. I just wish we had the proper calibration for the meter :cuss: Files/safetune.mpg

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