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Discussion in 'Marauder' started by saxsnowman, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. saxsnowman

    saxsnowman New Member

    Jan 24, 2011
    Does anyone know a good place to buy performance parts for an 03 Marauder?
    I am looking for exhaust, supercharger or nitrous, injectors w/bigger throttle body & mam. Is the Cobra Mustang Engine supercharger a fit, or is it different because of the air box and hose? Also what is the best supercharger for these engines & should I be looking to change the trans?
    Thanx for any info
  2. BOSS324

    BOSS324 Member Established Member

    Aug 19, 2009
    NorCal, California
    wow....I would recommend visiting Marauder specific sites such as motorcitymarauders.com or mercurymarauders.net for more info.

    But I will try to summarize it for you:


    Plenty of MM owners have installed Stainless works Long Tube, Kooks Long Tubes as well as FRPP/JBA Shorties. Most replace the mid pipe and go 2.5". Ive my self went with FRPP Shorties, Mach I catted mid pipes with 2.5" pipes.

    Super Charger:

    Vortech/Paxton Kits available through Reinhart Performance Engineering
    Prochargers FIT Kits have been done as well but the company that sold this kit is no longer in business. FIT used the Procharger P1DC/D1SC head unit (Dennis at DR Auto can help with piping)

    Eaton swaps are becoming very popular - see mercurymarauder.net keyword "eaton swap" can be done for $3-3.5k 440-450rwhp. Nice thing about this is you are set for a Whipple 2.3/3.4 when your "READY" for more power.

    Trilogy (Trilogy Motorsports Mercury Marauder Supercharger Kits) is probably the cleanest well thought out kit but will cost you. Based on the Lysholm Twinscrew Type head unit.

    Engine options:

    Cobra Reman, FRPP Aluminator LB NA/SC or some similar setup from DSS, MMR, Livernious etc...I went with a MMR Stroker MOD 900S Big Bore Stroker 324ci H/C/I setup. Speak with Mark or Grant they will take care of you.

    And yes the 03/04 Cobra Longblock w/eaton will work but will need to swap front cover and some accessories - many MM owners have done this swap as I said earlier with some custom modifications with the right side airbox same as Cobra- see mercurymarauder.net

    Trans: 4R70W 03 & 4R75W 04

    Should be good to around 450-500rwhp but that's about it. BC-automotive.com or blueovalchips.com offer various transmissions for the MM.


    Mustang 39,42, 60, 80lbs will work obviously will need a custom tune though.

    Throttle Body:

    AccuFab Mach I Throttle body's will work but not much gains for what you pay.

    Generally speaking first mods that most seem to do are:

    SCT X3 tune from Lido or DR; JLT CAI and FRPP 4.10s and some sort of muffler swap (Flowmaster, Magnaflows or Aero 2525)

    Then - you will be bit by the mod bug! Headers, intakes, cams, heads bla, bla bla....lol I would seriously consider doing a SC of choice IMO the best bang for the buck will be the Eaton conversion.

    Tune and CAI are a must and even that alone is night and day due to the CAFE requirements Ford had with the OEM tune (it bites).

    Good luck man keep us posted!

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  3. saxsnowman

    saxsnowman New Member

    Jan 24, 2011
    Thanx for the extensive info, that was really a BIG help! I am wondering about the engine, I guess I assumed all 4.6l 4v motors were the same, but I am not sure that is true. Were there differences between the cobra and MM Engine? what kind of internals does the MM engine have? are the pistons forged or Hyper??, connecting rods good? forged crank, or nod iron? what are good cams to look at if I am looking to supercharge? I always wish I had gone bigger after I do mods on engine. How hard is it to tune the cars after mods? IE can I purchase a custom tuner & try it myself, or do I need to take it somewhere? can any good shop do it, or does it need to be a ford dealership, or performance speed shop?
    Thanx for any help....I really need it..lol
  4. offroadkarter

    offroadkarter Professional S***poster Established Member

    Dec 12, 2008
    Lehigh Valley, PA
    The engine doesn't have a forged ANYTHING, over 450hp (rule of thumb) you are pushing it and the engine just becomes a ticking time bomb.

    There are guys running 10's with the stock cams, cams aren't really a big issue

    If you are putting a blower on, you don't want to try and tweak it with an Xcal3, get it dynoed... Half assing it will = new motor

    Any good speed shop can tune these cars, they aren't tricky... Nothing about marauders is modern, they are built off a platform that came out in 1979, using parts from other cars that ford has made... Its pretty simple to work on
  5. SC Cheesehead

    SC Cheesehead Blue Cheese Established Member

    Feb 14, 2008
    South Carolina
    The Marauder engine's closer to a Mach 1 than a Cobra. Aluminum vs the iron block in the Cobra.

    Pistons and rods are the weak links, blocks are good for 500+hp if you re-do the internals.

    I've got an Eaton swap on my car and love it. Running a conservative tune and putting 423 hp to the rear wheels.

    +1 on a dyno tune if you go with an S/C.
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