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Hey All !!! Back in the area.....

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic Cobra Association' started by JRS BLOWN SNAKE, May 21, 2020.


    JRS BLOWN SNAKE Proud MACA Member Established Member

    Aug 28, 2003
    Prattsburgh, NY
    How's everyone doing ??

    I recently relocated to the Richmond, VA area for work. Denice will come and go back to our NY home.. She's here for a couple weeks now.

    This Covid Virus has changed so many people's lives, including ours. The company I was with is in bad shape. Out of 600 employees, 550 were laid off, including me on the executive board. Knowing the outcome, we searched locations to get to a little warmer climate. Denice loves VA Beach, so did some searching and landed at a company in Chester, VA.

    Company name is Sweetie Boy Transportation. Not only are the core services trucking auto carriers but, auto repair, home car delivery, mobile car repair at home or office, and soon to have a dyno installed in the performance shop.. My capacity is President of Operations, but I'm sure I'll spend a couple minutes a day close to the dyno !

    Any body that's a first responder will also receive 50% off any labor on repairs.... Forever. Not a promotion.

    This company is putting on a Charity cruise on June, 7th with prizes and goodie bags.
    Benefits: Feed More, Chesterfield Food Bank and Connor's Heroes. No fee to cruise. Raffle tickets available. I'll put a link below.

    I'm looking forward to getting together with some of the "OG" crew, as well as meet newer members. I'm hoping and praying our members and families stay safe and health throughout these unprecedented times..
    My cell is 607-794-4332
    I'm staying approx. 1000 yards from Virginia Motorsports Park. There has been a couple private track rentals in the last week. It seems to be turning back on. Good to smell the gas again !


    Link to the flyer and information can be viewed here:
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