Help with deciding on a fuel system


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Apr 19, 2013
Good Morning,

I have went round and round with trying to decide what fuel system I want for my car. It's a 2013 Mustang GT with Gen 2 stock block, LT headers, 3"catted midpipe, Gen 1 heads and cams, VMP Gen3R with currently an 82mm pulley, FIC 1000 injectors , OPG, crank sprocket that is currently tuned on Sunoco 260 GT fuel. I will be going to E85 & 79mm pulley when its play time and 93 when just riding around babying it. If possible I would like a system that works close to the way the factory system works and does not risk burning the pumps out quickly. I have a few thoughts but looking for peoples recommendations and experience they have had. My two top guys have been great with narrowing my discussion down, just need a push one way or the other.

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