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E85 on a Lincoln LS

Discussion in 'The Distillery' started by nopropslaw, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. nopropslaw

    nopropslaw Member Established Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    Corona, CA
    Looking to get an e85 tune on a Lincoln LS.

    Only mods are CAI and mufflers.

    Do you think that even though the car is relatively stock, that I would need more fuel flow and would need to upgrade the 19lb injectors and fuel pump? If so, I have found 24lb injectors for very cheap, and I'm looking into the pump.

    Also, would I have any issues with the E85 creating problems for the fuel system? As in, would it wreak havoc on my fuel lines, o-rings, etc?

    I have an 04 cobra so I know that those cars have handled e85 just fine with only upgraded injectors/pumps in a returnless system, but could I assume the same with an 06 Lincoln LS?

    Should I worry about the stock fuel lines, etc?

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