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Discussion in 'Discount Tire' started by booricua, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. booricua

    booricua A JODER Established Member

    Nov 20, 2004
    San Antonio TX
    OK here is a specific one for those with Knowledge!!!!! :idea:
    04 Cobra Convertible

    Would Like Tire and wheels combo , prefer 18" :rolling:
    1. What size of rims width front? Rear? widest tire possible
    2. What is the off set?( no grinding of IRS bolt or spacers) Replace parts OK
    3. Tires Size front/ rear (want a fat 315 rear,)
    3 Consider
    a. vehicle will have H&R Springs Sport installed
    b. what other suspension, bushing C/C Plates etc will be required
    c. sub frame conector bars from who?? MM KB ???? is welding a must read some horror stories
    Vehicle is not for racing mostly street daily driven. I do let it out once in a while. :burnout: Definately dont want to loose value of vehicle due to IMPROPERLY OR TOO MUCH AFTER MARKETS!!!
    I need to know what will be required not what will be nice to have for pure fad!!! most wear tires right and even, I am primarily loking for the mean fat low stance without sacrificing ride comfort. Your help will be greatly apreciated anyone with pics will really be apreciated pic says 1000 words

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