Cruise control


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Jan 8, 2006
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I don't know the answer. I'd have to track down the part number for the OE cruise buttons and compare to the Grand Marquis. If the P/N is a generic ford number and not a F0ZZ- part number then the likelihood of it being compatible goes up.

Regardless, if you do roll the dice, you'll want to confirm the resistance readings are the same between them by testing the buttons with a multimeter.

Here's the 1993 wiring diagram showing the values for the specific button presses. All 87-93 are the same.


Light Blue/Black to black: 120 ohms when pressing coast
Light blue/Black to black: 680 ohms when pressing SET/ACCEL
Light blue/black to black: 2200 ohms when pressing Resume
Light blue/Black to black: Continuity when pressing OFF
Light blue/black to yellow/light green: continuity when pressing ON
Yellow/light green to black: continuity when pressing horn switch.

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