FOR SALE: BBK Cattted X-Pipe. New. Only Fitted and Removed. 86-93 LX/GT


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May 2, 2007
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For sale I have a brand new BBK Catted X-Pipe. It is a 2 piece design so the top two tubes connect to the headers and the mid section with the cats can insert into the trans rubber fittings where two of the hangers insert into the rubber holes where the trans sits and from there you can make adjustments to match the top two tubes to the mid section using the two clamps that slide over the pipes using two bolts per connector. FItment is 86-93 Mustang GT/LX.

For the small pipe in the middle that normally connects to the smog pump, I went ahead and had my friend who is a service advisor at a Mercedes Benz dealership and used to be a tech there for 7 years have one of his techs cut the pipe evenly off and insert a bolt and weld it completely shut. No idea what this would cost someone to do if they took it to a muffler shop, but probably around $50. I also have a brand new O2 plug i'll include if you want it, and I can also include the Innovate O2 bung which goes with the plug. Both are brand new and i'll let you have it for no charge.

There are 4 bolts with washers and nuts that you will need since I decided to use them on my H-pipe because the original bolts were rusty and difficult to remove, so I just kept these. Very easy to find at any Home Depot or Lowes. Also to note I painted the two pipes that connect to the headers using VHT high temp paint rated to 900* F. The color is silver so you can barely tell the difference between the painted pipes and the regular pipes.

I will clean up some of the grease on the pipes pictured, but very important to note, NO exhaust gas has flowed through this x-pipe. It has never been on the car while the car was running. I simply changed my mind and decided to keep the O/R H-pipe on the car and I like the sound of the 40 series Flowmasters, but the previous owner must have noticed the catback was leaking and did some of the worst welding i've seen using a MIG welder with random chunks of metal welded in various spots. I plan from selling this X-pipe I can buy a new C/B.

I have the receipt for this purchase and I purchased it May 11, 2022. I paid $599.99 + $35.99 (tax) for a grand total of $635.98

I pretty much have an X-pipe that any Fox Body owner would have already done the modifications i've done like the cutting and welding shut of the pipe for the connection to the smog pump since i've sure about 90% of Fox Body owners have done away with anything emissions related.

I am asking $480 + $25 shipping. This is an extremely fair price IMO considering what you're getting and the modifications and extras i'm including. Please do not haggle with me on the price. I am firm on that aspect. If you live from the states between Montana and New Mexico please let me know and I will give you your own shipping quote as shipping this X-pipe will be more that far out west from where i'm located in MD. Local pick-up is always welcomed and i'll knock off the $25 shipping fee.

Again, the price is $480 + $25 shipping. I am firm on the price and I believe that is an extremely fair price. This X-pipe is sold out at LMR and is in low stock at AM.

Payment methods I accept. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App, and Square. For Square I simply need your email address and i'll send you an invoice for the full amount and you can pay by credit/debit card. If you choose this method please add 3% for the credit/debit card fees I incur.

I do not accept PayPal, but if you are one of those people who are dead-set on using PayPal the only way I can accept it is by placing the X-Pipe on my eBay account and you can buy it from there. eBay will automatically charge you shipping based on location. Also if you choose this method I will ask for 13% more on top of my asking price (due to eBay fees), I can add it into the total price on eBay if that is more convenient. The shipping will just charge based on your location and the weight/size of the package i'm sending you.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted it to be comprehensive and include every detail I could think of.







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