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97 cobra 600hp .. built internals and a viperspec t56 swap

Discussion in 'SN95 Cobras' started by N8tek88, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. N8tek88

    N8tek88 New Member

    Oct 22, 2017
    FC225FF2-5654-4BA6-92C6-973FF156AEC5.jpeg 73018D40-04B8-459C-993A-8A403EB913E7.png 70DBF94F-9492-498F-87BC-CE6D3D4912BC.jpeg 8EC7D6CA-9EB3-4E7A-8D43-F0F4DD985E92.jpeg 2585BE16-AD6D-4AC8-BF61-21235F90CC04.jpeg E4A2FD52-7EED-4EB6-B73B-8818A0537355.jpeg 4872C007-9171-43E5-B17A-534FC10683C9.jpeg 2585BE16-AD6D-4AC8-BF61-21235F90CC04.jpeg 0882D139-3AB9-4551-BA2A-8BDAEE33457A.jpeg C8B6E970-7F6A-4F2E-8D4D-A9B5020B4BEC.jpeg 4A7FC60E-703E-415D-9767-5EDAE122B5DB.jpeg

    Car shows 31k but the odometer gear stopp d working back in July and I didn’t fix it cause I really didn’t care
    Selling ASAP to move to Denver ... I will litterally drive this car and meet any body at any airport in Texas and instantly board a one way flight to Denver in the same hour
    Car runs perfect and pulls light a train
    Teskid block
    Build balanced and blueprinted by Owens racing
    Cpmod max pistons
    Manley h beam
    Comp blower cams
    Sean hyland stg 1 4v race heads
    Vortech wta intercooler
    Vortech V3 supercharger (polished)
    New vortech bracket
    612hp 10 psi
    Battery relocation
    Ac compressor delete bracket
    Audi blow off valve recirculated
    Magnaflow full exhaust
    Lot of money $ in steeda suspension
    Viper spec t56 6 speed trans
    New Mcleod twin disk rst clutch
    373 gears ...
    New brakes
    Car is 20 years old so paint should be retouched or at should just be repainted .. and steering wheel is worn in some spots ...
    car is really quick ... consistent low 11s
    Also my daily
    I have more pics too and videos and can assure this car is solid and I will litterally drive this car 140mph across the country and feel confident in the build and motor ...
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  2. N8tek88

    N8tek88 New Member

    Oct 22, 2017
    7800$ obo
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  3. N8tek88

    N8tek88 New Member

    Oct 22, 2017

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