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2015 Mustang GT vs. 2016 Shelby GT350 Dyno

Discussion in '2015+ Shelby GT350 Mustang' started by EditorTurner, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. oldbmwfan

    oldbmwfan Active Member Established Member

    Sep 17, 2016
    Put another way, the greater torque through gearing is only useful if you're not already traction-limited. I'd select gears based on shift points at the tracks I visit most. This engine is not as flexible down low as something like an LS6, but with the stratospheric redline you get ~3700 RPM of linear power to play with (4500-8250). That is a lot of room to run.

    With top speed of 71mph in 2nd, 103mph in 3rd, and 147mph in 4th (for the R), you really only need 3rd and 4th around most tracks. No need to change gears unless the factory gearing forces you to shift in a really awkward spot or short-shift before corners. Going too short on gearing can actually slow you down by introducing extra shifts into a lap. All track-dependent, of course. On the street, who cares. It's fast.
  2. Red dragon

    Red dragon Active Member Established Member

    Feb 2, 2017
    Taunton, mass.
    Thanks guys for both the explanations. I'm definitely going to wait to do anything about the gears if I do anything at all. I'm hoping with the new power from the power pack I'll be content enough to just leave them alone. Last question? What are guys doing about the wheel hop on cars with the irs? It blows my mind that they can sell a sportscar in these days with wheel hop. It's embarrassing and just beating on my rear-end

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