09 - 14 Fuse #27 relocation


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Apr 15, 2004
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When Ford released all this about relocating the #27 fuel system fuse it was for the V8 trucks only - the firewall side of the fuse will slowly melt, including the slot it sits in. It seems most end up with a crank - no start but some have had it fail while driving. I stumbled across a few posts showing V6 owners with the same issue. I pulled my fuse and the firewall side of the normally yellow 20amp was brown and just pulling it out of the slot caused the metal to pull out of that side of the fuse body. The fix is to cut the wire from fuse position 27, put some heat shrink on it and pinch it off. Then splice in a new section of wire with a fuse connector on the other end. You slide that up to open slot in fuse position 70 and then drop in one of those big block style 20amp fuses

the Motorcraft kit is $20 on amazon and the doorman is a little cheaper, motorcraft uses copper wire vs aluminum wire in the doorman.

motorcraft on amazon

taking your time not to break any of the plastic crap and stuff all the wires back in it's a ~45 minute job. Seeing how I'll be on a 10 hr road trip here soon, glad I checked it

Heres a video on it thats better than following the including instructions:


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