1. G

    N/A Cam questions

    I couldn't really find anything in the search to really answer some questions that I have around cams. I am considering swapping out the cams when I do the OPGs, and I am looking for some more info on 3 particular grinds. My set up is E85, Headers, full 3 inch exhaust, GT350 CAI, ported GT350...
  2. ashraf50

    Should i wait for 2018 Long Block and what about Paxton blower upgrade !

    I just got a good offer from my friend for my stock 2012 GT long block and i sold it last week, and i kept the paxton supercharger for the next build, then i started to look for the best choice to have a new one capable of handling at least 1000 RWHP. i saw many companies with many options on...
  3. S

    FS: L&M 72mm Throttle Body!!!

    Up for sale is a used L&M 72mm Throttle Body. I picked this up for my car and have descided to use a Kenne Bell TB. No known issues and comes with all electronics! $550 Paypal: [email protected]
  4. S

    Another cam thread...

    I know there has been a few threads on different cams (I have searched). But I am curious, from people with experience, what cams people would go with and why. I am mostly looking at L&M vs JDM but feel free to add something if necessary (I know others are decent but I've narrowed my opinion...
  5. 04Marine08

    2011-2012 GT500 CAMS. L&M or MMR?

    Hey guys I was wondering if I could get some input on cam choices for the 11-12 shelbs and what you guys think would be better off. I'm looking for an aggressive lopey idle that doesn't destroy daily drivability. I came across a few custom cams from L&M and MMR. I was wondering if either...
  6. Beaubear

    L&M plenum ported and polished

    Bought this plenum never used. Was going to use it but I bought a new supercharger. 220 shipped. I'm doing this off a phone so I can't upload pics. I can send them through email or through text 954-655-1257. Will be posting other parts in a few days after I get tuned and I don't need anything...

    Anyone running a L&M 82mm throttle body?

    Do you think it makes a noticable difference on a N/A 5.0? Do you have to have a tune for this type of mod?