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    2010 White stripes and wheel paint codes

    Anyone know what colors truly match the white stripes on a 2010 Kona Blue and the paint color used on the wheels? (5 spoke non-PP Shelby rims). I tried Ford Oxford and Performance whites for the stripes and they do not match my stripes....different shades. I tried Duplicolor HWP102 graphite...
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    I assume you sold those older 2010 GT500 wheels you were trying to sell?

    I assume you sold those older 2010 GT500 wheels you were trying to sell?
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    Vmp power package upgrade 2011 gt500

    I went with the JLT CAI, 2.5 pulley and then the Ford Cobra 65 throttle body in the beginning. I had the SCT tuner with free BAMA tunes for each upgrades as long as you stayed with the stock SC and a few other requirements they had. I never had any issues with them and they did provide support...
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    WANTED: WTB 13/14 GT500 Complete Brake Setup

    You might get lucky...depends on how much clearance you have now...however take this into consideration...The 10-12 standard front rotors with the 4 piston calipers were 14 inches in diameter. The Big Brake Kit upgrade for the earlier GT500s provided them with the same components as the 13/14...
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    Struts for non-lowered car

    Like they said in that link and from the Steeda site, if you hear a pop sound when backing out of the driveway with the wheels turned, it means the strut is moving and not staying in alignment. I hear it but I also have the stock strut mounts too which may be going bad. I think you ordered the...
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    Struts for non-lowered car

    That's somewhat the issued I had with new Michelin 4S..see this thread..hopefully I can resolve me are too expensive to chew up for my street driving. 2007 - 2014 - Wore out a set of Michelin 4S already -...
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    Struts for non-lowered car

    Okay..thanks..not the same wear patterm I have right now.
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    Struts for non-lowered car

    Out of curiosity tell me how your front tires are wearing since you said they had worn it the insides of both front tires or something else?
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    Struts for non-lowered car

    So you're going to try these on a 2010 SVT GT500 no PP with the stock GT500 front springs and 19 inch wheels (coupe)? Are you also going to replace the strut mounts at the same time with the upgraded version from Ford since the 2010s have the older mounts? I'd be curious too for future...
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    WANTED: 2011-14 OTA pipes - one last try

    I still need a driver side OTA pipe (from the H pipe to the muffler) for a 2011-14 GT500. I will buy the whole set if you want - up to you. I have a set of practically new Lethal Perf SS 2.75 pipes for 2011-14 (500 miles on them) that I might be willing to trade for too if you want. In NY...
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    Boost Issues

    THANKS for all the info. My car seemed to be having other issues too that I had just noticed last loss of power / shuddering between 1k-2k. Almost like a miss or bog around 1.5K which also seemed to coincide with what I thought was a loss of boost. Since the temporary mechanical...
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    07-14’ VMP Adjustable Belt Tensioner

    I'll take it...assuming it is in good condition and not worn. Is that pulley the same 90mm Pulley that VMP also sells as a replacement for the factory one?? Measure it please if you can. How do I pay for it?
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    2007-2009 Oxygen Sensors with Longtubes

    Why would extensions create an issue if they are straight thru wires??
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    Maintenance Schedule 07-09 GT500

    Your brake fluid may be very dark or black and it may be hard to even see the level of the fluid from the outside. If so your clutch dust is mixed in it. If that is the case get the kit to separate the clutch from the brake reservoir - each will then have their own reservoir. I think it is like...
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    Boost Issues

    Thanks for suggestions.... Went over everything and pulled off, cleaned and reseated everything....did not find any air leaks.....installed a mechanical gauge tapped into the front boost line. Reading 20-21 inches at idle and pretty steady just before testing. Handheld the gauge and full...