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  • i see you have a snow stage 2 maf system, was wondering where you were injecting, i see you said 5 " before the tb. was that using the stock air intake tube? before maf or after?
    hey just wanted to see if you solved your nitrous deal im a dealer of cold fusion nitrous awsome kits bro heres the deal it may require u to up you maf counts just a little it does seem to me your a/f is a little low but by upping the maf count u are adding a little to you a/f so as for where to spray i would go after maf so your readings arent off the chart n the programmer wont be fliiping out let me kno i have tons of these kits for sale all for amazing prices let me kno
    hey i was wondering if you ever solved your hanging bumper issue? I have a 99 with the same problem, and was wondering how to fix the hanging middle of the bottom of the rear bumper. anything would help thanks.
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