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  • Hello, I'm converting my headlights from 2012 to 2013 on my mustang. May I get any help on diagram for the harness please? I'd really appreciate any help.
    Hi, im doing the 2013-2014 headlights conversion on my mustang... do you have a diagram for the harness?? Thanks
    Hello from Switzerland
    I would like to upgrade my 2012 Mustang from Halogen to HID. Would you make a harness for my? How much?
    Thank you.
    Hey do you still make harnesses ? I have a 2010 gt500 with halogen headlights and would like to use the 2013 hid headlights
    Hello, I'm interested in knowing if you still are making the harness that converts the 2011 into 2013 headlight? If so, how much are you charging for this harness, and how can I go about getting the harnesses. Thanks!!
    Hey I'm interested in your 2012 to 13 harness conversion kit, can you please send me a link to where I can order it? Thanks!
    Hey I was reading up and I was just curious to see if you still have the wiring harness available to make the conversion from halogen to hid? I have a 2012 5.0 and was thinking about going with the 2010-12 hid headlights, rather than going with the 13-14 headlights. Thanks in advance!
    Hey sorry about the friend request, don't go on forums often learning how to use it haha. So I saw by the thread it is best to contact you about the wiring harness for 2012 halogen to HID headlights from the 2013 OEM Mustang. I have the headlights and pretty much everything else I was just wondering if you still make these harnesses cause this is all i need to complete it and I was really hoping you could help me!
    I ordered the harness's needed to complete my 2013-14 headlight swap into my 2011 and now just waiting on it to get here. Would be nice to have some sort of feedback.
    Just ordered your harness to convert the 2010-12 halogen to 2013-14 hid and also the one for the turn signal adapter brother, thanks for coming up with a plug and play system, can't wait to get them! if you could, please send me a tracking number back when they ship so i can know when they expect them, I'm military so I'm in and out of the house and don't want to end up missing the delivery guy. Thanks once again.
    Hey I'm really interested in acquiring the necessary harness(es?) for my 2010 Mustang (halogen) so that I can put the 2013 OEM (HID) Headlights in, as soon as possible!!! If you could send me a PM that would be great! Thanks so much!
    Hey Tux,
    I have the regular headlights in my 2012 and i am interested in swapping a set of 2013/2014 headlights in. Could you PM me what i need to make the conversion a success please? I tried your site and i wasnt sure what i needed.

    What would I need to swap 2014 mustang hid headlights into my 2012 mustang with halogens. I already have the headlight housings
    Hey tux, I have a set of 2013 mustang headlights for my 2012 base halogen model. I was wondering if you would sell me a wiring harness to get them functioning?
    I ordered a harness through projectoretrofit on 7/1 im assuming thats yours, I have gotten no email or harness can you please help
    Hey, I was able to get my hands on a set of 13 headlights and got them all cleaned up nice, I was wondering if you could help me out with a harness for my 11 non hid car. My email is tgunz5.0coyote@gmail and my fb is tg anderson thanks in advanced
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